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My god, just got in from night out, ears ringing like hells bells. anyone else suffer/ know of non sick bay cure?
Look after your ears you colossal pancake! Prevention is better than a cure.

My Dad has quite bad ears from the steelworks in the 70's- giant steel pipes would roll down a hill and some of his duties involved standing at the bottom and counting/checking the pipes as they clanged to a stop. Can't talk to him unless I raise my voice, poor bugger.

And it's 'Tinnitus' ;)
R077 said:
And it's 'Tinnitus' ;)
No the OP was expressing his opinion that the Festive season brings out the tit in us as his post amply proves.
Cure for ringing in the ears on Boxing/New Years Day?
Don't stand next to the stack of speakers with death metal at full volume blaring out of them all night. :D


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R077, try and get your papa to investigate the current NHS digital hearing aids. I was supplied with one quite recently, and after getting the initial set up (which was done wrong) corrected, there is considerable improvement.

Prior to that I coped with tinnitus by training my brain to ignore it. The downside was that I was ignoring anyone starting to speak to me and not clutching in until halfway through the first sentence, a disappointment to her most likely to be wanting to be listened to.

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