I watched the anniversary programme on ITV last night. It brought back many happy memories................This is our song....the bucket of water song. I'm still humming it now.....The Phantom Flan Flinger was finaly unmasked and................he was wearing another black mask...aaaagggghhhhhhhhhhh
Why was she not wearing that skimpy black tee shirt......the one she always said she'd take off.
I remember the lads on one of the O boats sent her the full kit and pleaded with her to wear it.
She didn't but she did say 'thank you very much, you naughty boys'

This is our songgggggggggg....the bucket of water song!


Lantern Swinger
One program went out when old Sally was wearing cap tallys. We sent the Invincible cap tally and she wore it, right at the top of the thigh, under the black leoptard gear. Bloody hell!

Hehe! Feel a woody coming on.....


Lantern Swinger
mikh said:
this the one you mean

Pwhor! Yep, that's one of them. She wore the Invinc live on tele (10.00 I think it was broadcast) We were alongside Pompey all gathered round and yep, she stood up and showed - She was Invincible! What a wanking session that was!!

Thanks for the post! (feeling a woody coming along - look out missus)

Great programme, brought back lots of memories of saturday duty watches
As many others have already said; Sally James-marks out of two- I'd still give her one :thumright: :thumright:
God yes. Enjoyed that programme. There we all were...in Dolphin at the time...a dozen or so chaps...Saturday morning before the DTS!!! Those actually WERE the days. Not a care...