Discussion in 'The Internet - Best and Worst' started by Backpacker1uk, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Have any of you lads and lassies changed over from BT to Tiscali trouble free was it or stressful.

    Sister in law has bad cancer of the liver and no damn phone with changing over to Tiscali trying to save money with being on the sick!! She needs this line to be in touch with the hospita,l Macmillan Nurses, friends etc.

    Please resend your e mail complaint if not resolved in seven days was one reply. The other please phone out technical hotline. Sorry all our operators are busy you are now in a Q. Thank you for being patient at this very busy time!! BOLLOCKS
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    My Mum changed over (12 months ago now) no probs, We are Somerset based, would you like me to find out who she dealt with.?..might be a different call centre.
  3. Any help gratetfully recieved mate.
  4. I also changed from BT to tiscali about a year ago, went smooth as clockwork, never went without a landline or the internet.
  5. recently changed to Tiscali - lost connection for 4 days and Orange were nasty about giving me my MAC No. (I'm a bit girl tho so don't mind, and it convinced me I was doing the right thing) ... have a slight problem at the moment but I think its due to it being new and needing to get used to it
  6. sorry - that should be BIG
  7. Hi
    I have been with Tiscali since they started about 4 years ago, we changed the telephone to Tiscali last year after 12 horrible months with TalkTalk.

    I have now been upgraded to Tiscali Max at now extra cost.

    Transferring Broadband can take time if your connection is "bundled",, (Ithink thats the term) you cannot get a MAC Code to migrate your original provider asks BT to disconnect then the new provider asks BT to reconnect. Whish is why (Thank God) we did not take advantage of the free Broadband offer from TalkTalk.

    Very happy with Tiscali, and the only problems I have had have been quickly resolved, (barring language difficulties)
  8. I had some bother changing from BT to Tiscali, which seemed to be BT making a right balls up over the MAC. The phone was no problem though and was free for a month as they hadn't connected the broadband. Their Indian call center was pretty useless but the guys in the UK call center seemed to be a bit better though their back room systems are not as good as they could be. I have no problems with the service now.
  9. I have been with Tiscali since they started and have had no problems. Only used customer service once (at the begining), they were very good. I am paying for 2Mb and I'm actually getting 2Mb, so no complaints there.

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