Tips on training for the 2.4km run

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by CalCi, Oct 13, 2014.

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  1. Hello,

    I am working towards completing the 2.4 km run in the 13 ish minutes required. I am starting from scratch, not exactly the fittest person around (I'm not a bad walker). I was wondering how I should go about doing it; see how long it takes me to complete the run and improve the time, or see how much I can run in 13 min, and improve on speed?

    Any other tips for training or fitness advice would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I found it helpful to do different running sessions a few times a week. I did one fartlek one (sprinting flat out for a min then jogging/walking for 3 mins and repeating), one long steady run- built up to about 8 miles over a year or so, and one doing the 2.4km twice. Also along with that swimming, spinning, circuits, kettlebells, netball, core classes and eating well and drinking enough water.

    This helped me go from ahhh i cant run to ohhh maybe i just wasn't training effectively. The RN fitness guide which is online or from the afco is good, it builds up from running/walking so beginners should be alright. Dont get too caught up just trying to run the distance, build up distance and speed work and then the 2.4km will be sorted. It might take time but keep at it and you'll get there :D that plan worked for me but everyones different.
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  3. I died a little bit's BASIC fitness
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  4. It may be but you'd be surprised- a lot of my friends (even the slim ones) can't even run for a taxi, or spend the day shopping without breaking a sweat.
  5. I couldn't do that when I was fit let a lone sober
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  6. When im training running I run then stop to take in air then run again until I need to stop then rinse and repeat, fart leck or something
  7. Chuck a brick through a shop window, blue flashing lights make you run fast....allegedly!
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  8. As Spidiver rightly said, this is BASIC fitness. You are not training to be an Olympic champion.
  9. when you feel like stopping...don't.
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  10. Its just not overly helpful to say its just basic fitness if someone is struggling. If someone is willing to work hard at it and is asking advice on how to do so, why not be supportive rather than just give no advice whatsoever just a snide comment? Or even better not bother commenting at all. I struggled running it at first and am not ashamed to admit that, plenty of people would find it a challenge.
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  11. The only true advice out there is to just push yourself, pretty much until you're feeling sick. A few crossfit sessions wouldn't hurt.
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  12. Fair enough Rachel. But 2.4km isn't a huge distance. I'm no athlete but my simple advice is just get the head down and work through the pain. It'll get easier eventually.
    Oh, and cut out the crap

  13. Having one enroute will certainly add to your time
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  14. See thats better advice :) its not a long distance but its fully feasible to never have really ran before, at school we didnt have cross country as people used to just have sly smokes in the bushes en route, and PE was just a doss lesson really. If you weren't sporty at school a mile and a half at a fair of pace aint a barrel of laffs- i am glad i chose the RN just as now i could actually run away from zombies in an apocolypse. Before i would have been the first to be eaten!
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  15. But you should be training to be the best you can be, hence the OP and reply.

    I'd ignore the crossfit recommendation. It's a dangerous and unproductive fad.
    'Rachelthree' gives some good advice, especially regards fartleck.

    Have my 2.4km on Sat.
  16. Agreed. Always give 100%, that's what they expect and want to see.
    Good luck with your run.
  17. If you're training on a treadmill don't forget to put it on a 3 degree incline to compensate for the moving belt, a lot of trainee's get caught out by this.
  18. This is poor poor things...if you need to have your hand held to get through the most piss easy test then I'm afraid the military isn't for you.

    Forget all the crying about snide comments and being unhelpful... what is so difficult about running 2.4km in 13 poxy minutes...if you have to train to do something like that, then the military will be better off without you.....It's almost fecking walking pace !!!

    Stop sitting at a fecking screen looking for the easy way to do everything, pretend you are a useful and intelligent being and think for yourself. Sometimes you have to sweat and be determined and hurt and get breathless...NOT download a fecking App you lard arsed soft bastards !!
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2014
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  19. Incline is 3 thought it was 2?
  20. 3 is recommended in my local gym, + it's better to be safe then sorry.
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