tips on porridge please

I love porridge. For breakfast I cook it with water (double quantity to oats) and add yogurt and honey - or occasionally golden syrup (nice but naughty). I occasionally have savoury porridge, adding a vegetable stock cube to the pot when cooking. Sainsbury's organic oats are quite creamy, other brands more rough, both are nice though I slightly prefer the larger flakes. Chopped apple is a nice addition too

Anyone got any tips for other ways to serve/cook porridge ?

Must away to stir my porridge this very moment ...

Hope everyone has a good Friday


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Re: tips on porridge pleae

alanbach said:
Bananas! I always add a banana to mine[/quo

Me too mate, I love bananas in my porridge!

Here's a good one. I always used to make my porridge in a pan on the cooker. I have now found however that it tastes just as good in the microwave and only takes 2 mins!!!
For special occassions:

50:50 cream and milk with a dessertspoonful of whisky added just before eating, and stirred in... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The healthy version of this is to cut out the cream.
always make mine the night the oats time to soak all the flavour up... in the morning i like to add sultanans.. and some more milk..
NEVER make mine with water............. always use milk.....( my dad loved his with salt)
and HAS to be lump free... got to be smooth and creamy for me.....
golden_rivet said:
Backpacker - I can't believe you directed me to a Saga website - the shame of it :rendeer:

nice article though - thanks mate

Lost me there matey :bball: I just found it and sent. Only looked at the porridge thingy.
AfterSSE said:
Used to use brown sugar and milk...

Over a low heat,in a pan, milk and water,add rolled oatmeal,simmer and stir for about six minutes,adjust if reqired to desired consistency by adding milk, serve with evaporated milk and demerara sugar.


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