Tips on building Fitness

Just thought i would make a post here on some of the things i did to get fit and some other people can share their wealth of experience on this subject.

1) Joined a gym
2) Go to regular classes i.e Boxing, spinning, and boxercise
3) Get a car and create 2 points along a quiet road measure the distance between and try and improve on this time once or twice a week. (2.4km)
4) Buy a bleep test cd and test yourself in a small off road street.
5) Play Sports (I played Basketball and Football)
6) Eat a Meal at Breakfast...Lunch and Dinner.

Anyone else got any other tips on this matter?

One thing i always did was eat a steak and egg before going to the gym in the morning.


I am not a big fan of gyms myself; they seem to be full of ponces who only go to hog the mirrors and talk on their mobiles :angryfire: Therefore, stopping me seeing my beautiful body in the mirror 8) I am much happier stopping during a run and thrashing myself stupid using the Tabata protocol, or even just the thrashing a couple of times a week. Doing (lots of variations of) Chin Ups, Muscle Ups, Rope Climbs, (lots of variations of) Push Ups, Hindu Squats, Plyometrics, Burpees, etc. 40 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of active recovery – better than any gym workout IMO. Stop again and throw in hill sprints and you’ll get pretty Ninja pretty quick. I then do core stability workout every night and some Isometrics when I get bored. If I feel really evil I will throw in some high tension band resistance workouts.

Would agree re the classes; I do Thai Boxing, Judo and Spinning (mainly cause it’s full of fit birds :lick: )

Running: I find it better to run the 2.4km once a week and add in endurance workouts for the rest of the runs. I joined my local running club, £10 a year membership and £8 odd insurance and run with them 5 miles Monday night, 10 on a Saturday. Running clubs are ace because they can tailor the run to your fitness and constantly push you further and faster. I also add in a cheeky three miler with appropriate thrashing. As the runs have started to become easier I now wear an X Vest, definitely makes things interesting trying to keep up with the running snakes!

I would also recommend swimming and squash.

The thing most people forget is the importance of rest. I personally exercise five days a week, cause I am a sad act, and rest two and this is probably little much but the rest has been enough for me to recover and my muscles to repair pre next workout. But always remember to factor in rest, good nutrition and take in plenty of fluids (not beer tho :cry: )

*Should add I have been training hard for about a decade and it's not suggested you "Jump in at the deep end" fitness should be build gradually, starting with a solid foundation.
I thought only people on welfare have this sort of spare time..i applaud the people on their mobiles for expanding their intellectual horizons. :thumright:
Boxercise classes are very good for endurance.
Running club i agree my local gym do a running club on a sunday and i was considering attending!
Im a Runner and Cyclist, also do Taekwono ITF/UKTA, which ive been doing fo 9 years now at a high level so that keeps me fit, Hope to carry on my Taekwondo Greatness in the navy, Just thought id give you an idea of my exercise i like doing to keep my fitness levels high,

Running- (average 7 miles, sunday i like to do about 10 miles, enjoy half marathons)

Cycling - (2+ hours on a Tacx indoor road bike trainer)

Taekwondo (24/7)


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rosinacarley said:
Don't break your leg in three places stepping off a pavement.

Don't work with 5 other girls who are fond of cakes, chocolate, biscuits, muffins etc.
Ooh, what happened to number six? Did you eat her too?! 8O
Phildo said:
I thought only people on welfare have this sort of spare time..i applaud the people on their mobiles for expanding their intellectual horizons. :thumright:
Not at all mate, if you’re dedicated enough you find the time.

I find nothing sets you up for the day better than getting your arse out of bed at stupid o’clock, long before the sun rises, and thrashing yourself senseless for a couple of hours. Follow that with a nice warm shower and hearty breakfast and travelling into London doesn’t seem so bad.
I certainly do not think it looks silly. My Brother went through a training programme to become a teacher of Boxercise. Heres a quick explanation of what it is

"The type of exercises performed often depends on the equipment available (e.g. the availability of punch-bags) or the background of the instructor. A typical class may involve shadow boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punch-bags, press-ups, shuttle-runs, press-ups, sit-ups"

Does anyone else take part in Boxercise that feel its benefitial as much as i do?

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