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Tips and tricks for HMS Raleigh

Oh yeah, if anyone asks what the ‘Flag of the day’ is, say “yeah cheers you ******* weirdo”.
As this is usually a code for naughtiness. Stay clear shippers.
Hope this helps.
All good advice this is.
One more...
Call everyone “shippers, shipmate, oppo” etc.
You’ll be expected to use naval terminology from the off, probably.

Get me bro?
This is the official Facebook group for Royal Navy New Recruits who are due to join HMS Raleigh phase 1 initial naval training. It is manned by current HMS Raleigh instructor’s and is full of top tips, hints, videos of evolution's, FAQ’s and current up to date information. If you have someone who is joining but has not yet joined this group then please get them to join. This group is for recruits only.

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