Tipples for the discerning gentleman.

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by 2_deck_dash, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. In response to the 'Wreck the hoose juice' thread about Bucky and other 'power' drinks, I thought I would start a thread about top line booze.

    What drinks do you prefer to get tanked on. Decent stuff only please chaps.

    For me it has to be El Dorado Demerera Rum, preferably the 21 year vintage but the 15, 12 or 5 year will do just nicely as well.

    An independant review:

    Copper color. Rich mocha, toffee, pipe tobacco, and brown spice aromas. A rich, satiny and vibrant entry leads to a smooth, dry-yet-fruity full body of toffee, coffee, and brown spice flavors. Finishes with a seemingly endless, sweet nutty fade with evolving layers of tobacco, chocolate, and spice. A monumental aged rum that is one of the world's greatest rum drinking experiences.

    International Review of Spirits Award: Platinum Medal

  2. Croft Vintage Port.

    I had a bottle of the '77 and troughed it with my best mate the night before my stag do.

    Pretty awesome stuff, some serious drunken mishaps occured that night including a Ribenna coloured grandslam.
  3. [​IMG]
    jameson whisky 12 year old quite a tasty tipple.
  4. Good call.
  5. Jameson is responsible for a lot of my life's woes.
  6. Fixed.
  7. The 'African', half pint glass with double shot of Woods topped up with strong cider.

    Get's you 'there' PDQ.

    'South African', White Rum of your choice.
  8. Anyone tried Jack Daniels Silver Select?

    Got my old man a bottle for Christmas.

  9. Hmmm just noticed that too.

    The one I have for the old man didn't come in a box.
  10. Laphroig - fresh from Islay - taste the peat. Finish the bottle and march on Derby!!!
  11. Serious question - is that some kind of euphemism I've not seen before?
  12. Pusser's Rum for me.

    Then anything else that will get me drunk so I then get naked
  13. The Wee German Lairdie Charles Edward Stuart raised his rebels to a cry of 'March on Derby'.

    As usual he was spanked and sent back north :thumbright:

    Edited to add:-

    Gin - a bottle of Ayrshire Hendricks is hard to beat.

    Whisky - I like Tamavulin but I can get some 'special stuff' from an old masher in Tomintoul.

    Brandy - A Grande Armanac rather than Cognac anytime.

    Vodka - A Belarusian Zubrowka.

    Red Wine - A Malbec from Mendoza province in Argentina.

    White wine - Sancerre or a Petit Chablis

    Anything else? Probably a bottle of Calvados on a cold winter night.

  14. Thanks Bergen. So much for me considering myself a bit of a history buff.
  15. For an effect? It has to be whatever Stan-the-Man(k) has been on all day today.
  16. Just don't get me started on King Harold Godwinson Earl of Essex and 1066.

    Harald Hardrada arrived in England with 500 longships, defeated the northern Earls and captured York. Harold Godwinson force marched his army 260 miles north in 4 days and surprised Hardrada at Stamford bridge.

    Hardrada asked what he would be given if he left quietly and Harold Godwinson replied " Seven feet of English soil and that because you are taller than most".

    Two hours later Hardrada was dead and so were most of the vikings. Only 24 longships sailed back to Norway.

    The next day King Harold's army were celebrating at York when news arrived that Duke William of Normandy had landed in the south but that's another story :thumbleft:

  17. Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites got as far as Derby in 1745 when he went after the crown of the UK. It all went horribly wrong after that, ending with "disaster for Scotland" as the late Bill McLaren would have said, at Culloden.
  18. Best beer I've had so far is Innis Gunn,brewed/aged in whiskey and rum vats.Essence.

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