Tinnitus but passed medical

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by MikeShin, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi I got tinnitus and was worrying about failing the hearing test in the medical examination.
    I was just wondering if tinnitus will affect me joining and whether it is worth telling them. Is the hearing test at raleigh easier or harder than the one at the last one?

    Cheers :)
  2. Depends on the cause of your tinnitus. The fact you passed the hearing test means it doesn't affect you that much, which is good. The same hearing test is used throughout all 3 Services.

    Of course you should declare it.
  3. Why should i declare it because if I have already passed it surely they got no way of telling whether i have tinnitus or not
  4. As you are the only person who can really tell if you have Tinnitus or not not, I would keep my gob shut and think myself lucky.
  5. 1. Integrity.

    2. Because when it turns up later and you haven't declared it you will be in the dwang and could get booted out.

    3. If you don't declare everything you are a cock.

    Anyway, if you are joining as a WS or AC tinnitus is an adqual. HF is not your friend.
  6. You should declare it as you will sign "I have no other medical conditions" (or similar). Lying = fraudulent application = dishonourable discharge.

    We always find out.
  7. Plus, it is very unlikely to cause problems in the medical (as long as you don't have a brain tumour) so why take the risk? We need to know for records purposes as much as anything else.
  8. PM inbound.
  9. Are you sure you've got tinnitus, fraudulent entry discharge looms if you tell porkies plus you've use what I assume is your name to log on so "they" know who you are now, as a lot of staff at raleigh are either posters or just lurkers on RR (Persec old bean, dontcha know)
  10. Declare it to your AFCO soonest. If you keep your gob shut then the RN will find out and just boot you out. While your having your jabs and checkups at Raleigh, in a back office somewhere is a nice little team of people going through your medical history from your GP/Hospital.

    And as Angry Doc stated, they always find out.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Especially, as I always say to Mrs Ninja_Stoker, if your username on RR may indicate your real name.
  12. So i go to AFCO when ive done medical and say ive got tinnitus then what they kick me out or what?
  13. As you seem to have used part or all of your name as your RR username I'm sure the RN Medical Services will be on high alert for those attending hearing tests who say "What?", "Pardon?" or "Eh?" more than is normal called Mike Shin....
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2011
  14. I've already addressed this issue a few posts ago. Please read them.
  15. i dont think i have it anymore......
  16. ??

    Others remain to be convinced ...

    'Right now it's here' - Risk of Fraudulent Declaration - Instantly 'cured'? :roll: After your Lourdes Holiday, perchance?

    Sceptical of Southsea.
  17. Eh?

    (I hate extra letters)
  18. No it aint ringing anymore and went back to doctors and he was like well i didnt declare u with it anyway so nothings on my medical records. also i dont listen to my ipod anymore so that must help! :L
  19. Glad to hear thar the ringing has ceased.

    Next tip - Never admit to anyone about the voices in your head, just do exactly what they say and you'll be OK.
  20. Er, yes Bob. :thumbup:

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