Tinnitus - Bit of help required

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by kris91, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi all. Recently i was in the sickbay due to developing tinittus and abit of hearing loss not sure what the level of hearing loss was as the doc didnt say. Got to go back for another audio test next week then refferal to nsmbos. Does anyone know what is likely to happen to me. My branch is WE if that affects anything.

    Many thanks
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  2. There's a vacancy at Notre Dame!!!!
  3. Even with a bit of hearing loss it would be difficult to know what the doc didn't say.
  4. Updated it :)
  5. That all seems rather fast. I hope the cause of your tinnitus has been investigated before you are shipped off to NSMBOS. There must be a significant degree of loss but, from what you've said, it all seems a bit strange. Feel free to contact me via PM if you need further info.
  6. Even armed with a lot more information than you have given, we could only guess as to what the outcome of your MBOS will be. The MBOS is there to look at your condition and give you a med grade, then the MBOS findings normally go to the employability board to decide if, or how you can be deployed within the service.

    Maybe booking another appointment with your sickbay, to ask more in depth questions (current med grade?) about your condition should be your next step. If you are that concerned about it.
  7. Yeah i have another appointment booked next week for another audio test so will be asking alot of questions.
  8. Make sure they shout the answers but don't ask them to write them down, be a bit of a giveaway!
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