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Tin Trousers - The Game Of Uckers


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Erin (seamstress extraordinaire) at Tin Trousers has created a good page on the rules of the game of Uckers - an interesting read!

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Up board was my best move , the fact I had 3 mixy blobs played no part in the move , '' Hands to supper '' had just been piped and I was starving.......honest.


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It just doesn't work with civvies. The game was a blast when playing in the mob. It's just Ludo to civvies even when you TRY and explain the subtle nuances of uckers!!!

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I think Ludo started as Pachisi in India years ago, Then prewar as Huckers. Then Uckers with 8 Piercers 8piece in harbour and 8 piece dicking. Could get bloody complicated.


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I must have seen more anger and arguments over uckers than any other subject in the mess, especially if your opponent was a six throwing barsteward!

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I rember hearing that an ERA from Jamaica got pushed off the balcony in the China Fleet Club over uckers on board, That's going a bit far.
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