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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Karma, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Is anyone able to PM me a contact name or number for the Tin trouser store at Nelson?

    I have a number of uniforms that could usefully be passed on.

  2. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm in there in Tues, I'll pass it on for you.

  3. Hi, grateful for that number also 9plus anyidea of when it's open...).

  4. The No. is I beleive - 02392 722786


  5. Karma may I sugest that it may be to your financial advantage to contact Stephan Lord Harrison. His number may be found in another topic in this forum :p
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Slim wrote
    A man answering Harrison's description bought every item of second hand kit from Tin Trousers last week. He already had a flight suit.

    Lest Norman phone up to complain about the number of two and a halfs with surplus kit the details have been PM'd.
  7. If they dont take them, your local sea cadet unit would be grateful for any unwanted kit

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