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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by 4to8, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Our late buddy would rest in peace if a really good thread were to become his memorial.A year long cat-raping festival has been suggested so far. Maybe a barbie and gang bang on the day of goodies passing over would fit the bill? Any ideas?
  2. Has Tim passed over the bar? No Obitituary in the Times or Telegraph!! Tsk, standards.
  3. Me and Tim were oppos, i think the only suitable memorial to this fine young man would be a thread containing the very very worst taste jokes one can imagine, the kind of jokes that make you feel like you've broken the law when you tell them.

    RIP Tim, you would have made a good b1tch of mine.
  4. His date of death should be taken as the same as that of Jade Goody. Thereafter we may annually celebrate "Throbber Day".
  5. Could they be stuck together somehow by the undertaker? maybe have the worlds first conjugal cremation?

    TimNiceButDim DCM (Don't Come Monday) the respected (Shome mishtake? Ed) RumRationeer and proto Naval rating has passed away after a short illness.
    Tim's parentage was often called into question, but his knowledge of all matters Naval and nautical made him a firm favourite with all hands on all the ships on which he served.....(That's enough. Your cheques in the post.Ed)
  7. How was run down and then reversed over by me at the wheel of my LWB landy a short illness?
  8. One does not feel the crush of death in a landy; verily, this is a short and sweet death, my dear Monty. For true excruciation of your victim, subjecting him to the sum total of Thingy's gaying-up of RR members for an hour is required. Then make him sit through an equality and diversity lecture by the XO. Give him a weapons handling test after this and he will shoot himself within seconds.
  9. I heard he got abducted by a family of chimanzees who pwned him by coming on him at regular intervals for being such a fcuking clown puncher
  10. I have been doing some sketches for the Conjugal Cremation but every time I try to get Tim straddled on JG he falls over EVEN with a plank tied across his arse.Does the panel think that it should be a 69'er?
  11. Well that's no good now is it? He's already dead, we are going to have to subject one of his cohorts to your suggestion, Chico perhaps. Or we could drag Quim8203 and his missus into a room, we all smash her impenetrable cnut in while he watches and Thingy cripples his ringpiece wearing a Ronald McDonald suit. Fcuk knows what that has to do with anything but I'm game if anyone else is.
  12. There is a society somewhere in the Himalayas which believes that being repeatedly cum on by groups of masturbators is the path to enlightenment. I shit you not
  13. I violently agree to your veritable suggestion Monty.

    Simultaneously, right?

    Also, why has nobody made necrophiliac jokes about post-mortem Goody-fcuking yet? FFS gentlemen; standards.
  14. Isn't that bukkake, as a friend informed me! :oops:
  15. Yes, simultaneously.

    And I'd only have fcuked her if she had died on her wedding night, then I could pretend I was fcuking a giant shuttlecock.
  16. [quote="Montigny_La_Palisse] He's already dead, .[/quote]

    fcuk, I forgot and there i was trying to stick him on the other twat who isn't . I was wondering what the smell was but at least ist not from Tim,he is frozen solid and won't go off for a while.
  17. The pearl necklaces??
  18. You fell for that? As soon as I saw them all running up the valley c0cks in hand I fcuked off, I'd seen what they get up to the dirty little yellow cunters.
  19. I feel a "directed command task" coming on.
  20. Ooh, I'll be time keeper, leaves me "hands free" then. Which plan we going with? All of them? I'll get the rape kit......

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