Discussion in 'Submariners' started by stirling2, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Very interesting programme
  2. I noticed the way the CO shouted "Up periscope" when it already was and NEVER said "Down periscope" when he had finished whilst the commentator constantly emphasised the risk of detection by exposing it. Minor details that would go over the head of civvies, (incl Mrs Lujonsa) and skimmers but galling nevertheless to the elite.
  3. U864 was fitted with a Snort but no mention was ever made of this in the programme. They also indicated, in fact made great play of the point, that the Venturer was tracking his diesel engines which meant his snort mast must have been raised thru out the encounter until the fish were discharged and the Eric went deep.

    Am I wrong but we did not use the word "Fire"

    Not with standing the faults for us purists it was an interesting programme and a brilliant attack and achivement for WW11 V Class boat.

  4. I fell asleep watching it.. was good what I could remember of it though.
  5. I started watching it then my DVD recorder kicked it to record the Jane Austin programme...... :oops:
  6. And worse - what about the XO giving his report to Captain Launders with his hands in his pockets!
  7. Jimmy Launders was Captain of HMS Forth - 1970.A sparks had been out on the razzle,and having turned to next day was detailed off for a job in the Captains /Admirals quarters. Crashes out on an inviting sofa therein.Jimmy Launders finds him asleep,shakes him, makes him a cup of tea & ends up telling him war stories including sinking the u-boat & showing his modified slide rule he used for calculations of torpedo shots.A Gentleman!
  8. saw time watch last night /very touching documentary. the old boy who was the L/S at the time was happy when the torpedo struck but after he said " POOR BUGGERS "
  9. 'They must have been evading because the after planes were found set to dive'...what absolute bollards.

    All weapons were launched out of the same starboard torpedo tubes.

    Why did the German U boat captain have to put on the asdic operators headset before he believed that MK 8's were inbound.

    I've never heard any submarine officer say 'up periscope' let alone one not do a complete 360 in low then high power and overhead immediately.

    Before the look stick gets raised the reasons of why it was going up was never announced e.g. 'attention....this will be a firing observation...up'

    The only authentic bit for me was the way the RN submarine captain made his intentions clear to his command team at every opportunity.

    There was sooooo much wrong with it....and it made our lot and the Germans look like amateurs. We and they were most definitely not. Why did they have to dramatise it. The only thing missing was little Nobby Clarke saying 'when I get my medal I'm going to pin it on your tail skippa'.
  10. I think that was Harry Plumber a lovely old bloke i had the pleasure of knowing. I also visit the ex-T.I. of the Strongbow which was badly deepth charged by the Japs and had to scrapped, he is 94 next week.
  11. The old Norwegian guy they interviewed said he had watched the U-boat from the shore and saw it hit by the fish,how did he manage that if the U-boat was dived?I don't wish to belittle the actions of very brave men but can't help thinking the story has been embellished a little with re-telling.

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