Can anyone enligten me ito the approximate time scales from AFCO to BRNC at the moment? Is there quite a wait from submitting application to getting an AIB date or should I just assume 6 months?

I'm looking at applying for Aircrew and have a presentation this Jan. So obviously I'll have to wait to do FATs first (is it a long wait? Specific RN boards? Or do the RN just tag along on the Mon and Wed sittings with the Crabs?) and if I pass then go to AIB as well - is the AIB wait quite long or just a matter of weeks post-FATs?

Reason for asking: I need somewhere to rent.... and as most rents are min. 6 months I'm going to need a timescale in mind before commiting to a rental etc.

Also, due to different phases carried out etc. are there Aircrew specific entry dates at BRNC?

Yes I have searched. Yes I have used Google. Yes I have read the RN website.......

Many thanks,



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Spooked said:
Yes I have searched. Yes I have used Google. Yes I have read the RN website.......

Many thanks,

Have you tried ringing your ACLO, assuming you do not have to sign a rental contract before 09:00 tomorrow?

We can all give you guesses, but it depends on many, many variable factors, your ACLO is the one to speak to & even then it's only an estimate I'm afraid.
Thanks N_S,

I'm abroad.... and it's not the 7th yet so can't call. I was just asking while I was thinking about it incase anyone had an idea as I'm flat hunting and trying to organise myself.

Wasn't expecting much TBH as it's a big stab in the dark as far as questions go, I mean, how long is a piece of string?!
I sent my paperwork in June, went to FAT's in October and was given a 22 week wait for AIB o_O . Needless to say I'm still waiting!


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Depends how well you do at AIB for entry date!!Its taken me 14 months, so assume 6 months as a minimum, my wait for AIB was 4 months, some people only had 4 weeks notice. It is pot luck i suppose, i think i was lucky at only waiting for 14 months.

(that is 14 months from phoning Navy and requesting information etc to my BRNC start date.)

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