Times: "Sir Jock Stirrup faces calls to stand down early"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Re: Times: "Sir Jock Stirrup faces calls to stand down early

    I hope very much that Sir Jock Stirrup is not pushed out, the thought of an Army CDS at the time of the Strategic Defence Review is worrying indeed - kiss goodbye to our carriers and the 4 additional Astutes if that happens.

    You can bet the motto will be 'if it ain't for Afghanistan, you ain't getting it!'
  2. Re: Times: "Sir Jock Stirrup faces calls to stand down early

    Some interesting comments under the article. :roll:

    A CDS needs the ability to appreciate the country's strategic defence needs far into the future, not just those of current operations. Most politicians can't see further than next week's PMQs. The USA has a much greater commitment to land ops in Afghanistan, Iraq and elswhere in the world than any other country, including the UK. Is their current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CDS equivalent) a soldier? No, it's Admiral Mike Mullen USN.
  3. If we get either Houghton or Richards (particularly Richards) as CDS, both “blue†Services will be buggered. If Cameron then makes Dannatt SoS Defence, the cheese holes really will line up for disaster.

    Just when you think things can’t get worse!
  4. An interesting and astute comment by Lester May on page 2. He very rightly points out that very good RM Generals are effectively capped at 3-star level (probably more to do with the blue Navy than the Army). As a result the likes of Fry, formerly DCDS, don't get a shot at any of the top 3 slots they could be eligible for.

  5. I hadn't realised that - bizarre. Any idea why that should be the case?
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is indeed a great pity that those possibly qualified better than most to have a comprehensive appreciation of both the Land & Sea aspects of warfare with experience of Air support at the sharp end are prevented from holding the post of CDS.

    Then again when was logic ever applied?
  7. That sounds like an argument for allowing a CGRM the opportunity of becoming 1SL. Maybe we should trial that before launching one as CDS.

    I always find it interesting that an appreciation of CAS is often seen all that’s needed to understand air warfare.
  8. It was thought that Fry might have become 2SL, again I think that the blue Navy wouldn't wear it. It is not so far fetched, as either 1 or 2SL you don't "fight" the RN rather you "fight for it", in my limited knowledge of the abilities of the 2-4 RM starred officers in the frame I would consider that they would be more than equal to either task. Issues that should be noted;
    RM officers are very unlikely to command a Div, seen in some quarters as an essential level of Operational command, therefore they lack something by comparison to their Army peers.
    Most RN Flag officers have never commanded anything, or at best have commanded only their own ships, on Ops. Even those that have will almost certainly not have "fought" them.
    HCSC prepares these high flyers for their task as "Strategic Thinkers". I don't think anyone gets to 3-star without the level of effective "interlect" to carry out those senior policy and management roles.

  9. But NS didn't say CAS he said Air Sp. :wink: That's why, of course, JHQs have component HQs, to tell them what is and isn't in the realm of possibility and then how to do it.


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