Times Of Malta: "The Hook In St John’s Street"

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The hook in St John’s Street (1) - timesofmalta.com

The story behind the hook - timesofmalta.com

Apparently, an officer hoping for promotion had to crawl through this hook, preferably on his way back to his ship after attending a performance at the Opera.

Loved this comment on the article by a Maltese woman
Carmel Serracino-inglott
May 22nd, 18:22
I was born just some meters away from the Gang. My parents , as a boy, used to tell me 'if you are naughty the police will tie you to the gang , and later put you up there naked to receive the insults from passers by. Later I was told that very truly criminals were exposed there by the Knights. Also re the GUT I was warned ( like Maria, ) that I should never pass through the gut for I might be picked up by the sailors and taken on board for good. So I obeyed .Later I discovered that it was a place for prostitution. The 'battles' Maria mentioned were between Maltese and Sailors/Marines or between Sailors and Marines sometimes even between Malta Police and Military Police for various reasons. Maybe one day Straight street will rise again with Fish restaurants.


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