Times Obituary Rear Admiral Sturdee FO Gib 1969-1972

Does anyone know if this Sturdee any relation to Admiral of the Fleet Sir Frederick Charles Doveton Sturdee of the Battle of the Falkland Islands fame??? I have found no connection but it is an unusual name that I think that they must be related.
The name is not as unusual as you might think. In 1965, three Sturdees were serving as officers in the RN including the subject of the obituary who was then a Captain. One of the others was a training officer on board HMS Scarborough in the Dartmouth Training Squadron (DTS) when I was a cadet in 1971. Of course, they may all have been members of the same seafaring family.
I had an LWEM Stout in my division. Sturdy officers and stout rartings; it makes the navy seem quite butch.

Editted to add. That was all before they let women go to sea.

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