Times: "Labour backing away from plans to replace Trident"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Re: Times: "Labour backing away from plans to replace Triden

    The point being? If the warhead population reduces below a critical number, the force ceases to be credible. Ours is probably there now.

    The V Class hulls and machinery will not last for ever and remaining life may not stretch to the in service lead time for replacements.

    It would be interesting if our new top fellah would carry through the veiled threat of his predecessor. It was to the effect that as soon as the decision not to replace the boats is made, the patrols should finish immediately. If we don’t need them then, we don’t need them now.
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well of course this shower of ex-CND treasonous rubbish won't be in power when we finally get to the point, in spite of massive effort and risk by the RN, that we have not got a bomber fit to send out on patrol.
  3. Re: Times: "Labour backing away from plans to replace Triden

    Yesterday it was "scrap Trident", today it isn't. The Lib Dems want to "look again" at Trident, A400M and the Carriers so they can concentrate on personnel. Why don't they put us all out of our misery and make a fecking decision?!

    Makes me so angry.
  4. Re: Times: "Labour backing away from plans to replace Triden

    What :?: Politicians make a decision 8O .Some hope.....certainly not before the election.
  5. When you assess the subject of the Tridents, i really dont think that they serve ANY deterrent . Hunter killers maybe with their tomohawks YES. but i really DO think that ICBM s are an unessessary tool. Carriers, like the yanks havewould be a far more effecient tool of war, more effective, cheaper, and more of a presence than the underwater threat that our potential enemies cannot see. Not only that, recruitment would be enhanced too, as going off previous posts to the effect that who wants to join boats to see nothing for 12 weeks or so time and time again?
    You know it makes sense!

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