Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 billion"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. heard on the telly the other night that a Brit General had to get a lift on a septic chopper as a Brit one wasnt available......next they'll get issued push bikes!
  2. General Dannatt, chief of the General Staff, ie the Army's highest ranking officer, you mean? :p

    And yes, even he couldn't get a British helicopter = what chance would a trooper have eh? ;)
  3. The Navy loses 100 helos, the RAF 25, anyone would think that this masterplan was drawn up by a Crab!!
  4. Yet again the Armed Forces are allegedly to be stuffed by an uncaring Government whom are unwilling to adequately financially support their own overseas policies and follies. There is simply not enough money in the pot. We consequently have all recently witnessed the in house fighting taking place in the press from the Chiefs of Staff attempting to secure funding for their particular service.

    IMOHO the RN has suffered drastically over the last few years due to the very ineptitude displayed by the higher echelons of our service. The rot firmly took hold after appointment of someone whom had previously been seconded to the treasury for a couple of years took office. Over the years The RN has done and still does very little, in the grand scheme of things, to promote to the general public what we actually do and achieve, hence we have very little support when attempting to secure funding. The RAF on the otherhand are masters of public relations. As for the Army lets face facts, they really do need the extra resources and General Sir Richard Dannatt has been batting very effectively for some time prior to his release from the service.

    The scandalous demise of the Royal Navy? Who's fault? Make up your own minds.

    Have a nice day
  5. Re: Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 bil

    I saw this.

    It's just made my chances of getting in as aircrew a hell of a lot slimmer..

    66 helicopters? Are they taking the piss?
  6. My cremedementhes exactly. If they spent even half of their job ad budget on 'painting the RN picture' then perhaps we would be able to 'buy' the understanding of the general public and move some way towards gaining some support for the RN. :?
  7. Re: Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 bil

    Plenty of 'spare' helicopters after that.....problem solved

    Not good when you have the services having to fight each other behind the scenes, is it?
  8. Re: Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 bil

    My bold; well, to save the in fighting between services, why don't we have just the one service then ....

    <runs away screaming "Air Raid Warning Red" before the expected in coming arrives ... obviously won't be "RAF assets">
  9. Re: Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 bil

    I bet it's already been mentioned in Guy Fawkes land.
  10. Re: Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 bil


    Sir Jock spoke as the Ministry of Defence admitted one of its helicopters used in Afghanistan was a "cut and shut" combination of two aircraft.

    The front of the twin-engined helicopter is from an RAF Chinook which crashed in Oman in 1999 and the rear of the aircraft was taken from a former Argentine Air Force Chinook helicopter seized in June 1982 during the recapture of the Falkland Islands.

    The Ministry of Defence said the helicopter was air-tested successfully and re-entered service in 2003.
  11. Re: Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 bil

    And the problem is?? Don't be deceived by the newspapers into associating aircraft like these with dodgy cars. A great deal of care is taken in producing an airworthy aircraft. Herc's were stretched by cutting them in two and inserting a segment. Brand new aircraft are sometimes manufactured in the same way(Typhoon fuselage sections are glued together from sections manufactured in different countries), like Ships are often manufactured from modules.
  12. Re: Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 bil

    Yep, the RN is seriously crap at PR while the RAF, as has been noted, are brilliant at it.
  13. Re: Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 bil

    They're learning fast though. Take for example the recent RN advertising campaign for pilots. Does anyone seriously believe that there is a shortage of applicants for RN pilot?? Its a campaign to push the idea of an independent RN air wing in the guise of a recruitment advert, smart move.
  14. No shortage of applicants, but there IS a shortage of good enough applicants to make it through the enitre process as when people think 'pilot' they think 'RAF' not Navy, and so 50%+ of thr Pilot applicants i've met, while going through that process tried the RAF first, failed, then applied to the Navy to try get in somewhere else.

    High pilot applications does not translate to high pilot numbers.
  15. Re: Times: "Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 bil

    How reliable is this report? Because I've only actually seen one, and it's a pretty big, important cut..
  16. Suspect it referes to the removal of £1.4Bn from the Future Rotorcraft Capability programme a couple of years ago, whic effectively condemned CHF and the Puma force to life extensions for a limited number of airframes, instead of new-build cabs. Essentially leads to a reduction in numbers through loss of "attrition" and spare airframes as fatigue life used up and older cabs canned for spares.

    If it's a new initiative on top of that "savings measure" then we're f8cked...

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