Times Defence Spending Article

The guy is an idiot.


We're not apartheid South Africa, we're a First World, G7 nation with an expeditionary military strategy and overseas commitments. Apartheid South African military strategy being "killing those in the region of a darker hue" is not something we should be copying.
Like Max Hastings, he appears to have a distinctly pro-Army and anti-RN and RAF agenda that loses sight of the synergy required to transport troops and their equipment, stores, fuel and ammunition safely into area, deliver them and then protect, support and sustain them while they do their business. Perhaps someone should also tell him that the RN regularly provides more personnel in Afghanistan (especially Royal Marines and Fleet Air Arm) than the other Services combined.
yeah just read that the useless defence minister[ordered by knobhead PM ]has sent two officers to Chad with a budget of 14 million towards the French led peacekeeping force.
In the meantime our troops in Affiestan are against the wall and eating crap from a bag.
I watched the Ross Kemp programme and although I have not much knowledge of him[never watched east enders or that silly SAS programme] but his programme was excellent and showed the qualities of our troops.
Now can we have a programme on the fat arses sitting in the MOD lashing out money to God know where,everywhere except where it is really needed.
don't blame all the troops leaving the Service,fighting for your mates is one thing,fighting for the could not care less attitude of Blair,Hoon,Reid and Brown is another.
Why fight for MP's and Euro Meps trousering millions?
Piss-poor article.

Jenkins loses all credibility the minute he refers to Lewis Page. His is also extremely disingenous to try and portray the carrier programme, escort, Trident and Eurofighter as Tory holdovers. The size, number and capability of the "carrier" was not even finalised until 98-99, the escort (despite the blatherings of Page) does far more than escort a carrier and is needed to fill all the agreed MT that the Navy does. Typhoon should be a belter of an aircraft if we ever have to fight a campaign that requires OCA or DCA and the new Trident boats have only just been approved, far less contracted for.

What he neglects to say (and as he was by his own admission part of the process, he must know) is that SDR and its successors funded the military on certain level of operational use, which have been drastically exceeded every year this century. Given that Jenkins is a vehement critic of both TELIC & HERRICK, you might have thought he'd point that out, which is in fact the root cause of all the problems. Labour wanted to use UK military power way in excess of what it funded it for and then put off equipment decisions to make the books look kosher to the more naive.

Were he to have more than a passing acquaintance with the defence procurement system, he would be aware that it spends inordinate amounts of time and money, justifying those spending decisions rather than sorting kit.