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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chicogiz, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. My time is coming up to take my test again, i will pass (I cant be sure but it will give it my best and stay positive) Anyway can any of you help me on like what books to get to revise etc? I have gone through it with ninja and got the books he said but i want more as i will remember everything in the books so i need more. This is a complete different question but i was talking to a sailor on a type 22 frigate and he said once you get on one u just keep going around the gulf and dont get of it and when you do its onto a other type 22 frigate going back 2 the gulf lol. he said the best boat is a type 23 as you go to the carribean etc like HMS Iron Duke is at the moment, is that true?

    Luke (Chicogiz)
  2. Good luck mate. Did you take my advice and do the mental maths questions in newspapers?
  3. Is this your RT Test? I've got mine on Friday and I am dreading the mechanical comprehension questions. I'm confident that I will pass everything else so hopefully that will compensate for my lack of knowledge on mechanics. I suppose I'll find out about that in a couple of days.

    Good luck with your test Chicogiz, hope it all goes well for you.
  4. Yeah ive been doing them and anything i can that will help me , as i know im not gonna fail again no matter what, as i will try my best.
  5. Hey mate i failed first time. my test are again in the end of october, but i need to start reviseing now lol. It sounds far away but it flys by! Also remember if you fail dont be upset, and i wish you all the best on your tests. If you want any more information and what to do to make it easyer just ask as i have found out a way im gonna do it when i go again. PM me if you wanna ask what its like etc.

    Luke (Chicogiz)
  6. Good luck to you both, I've had a sneaky look at the practice questions, they look alright, just remember to quickly re-read the question to make sure it hasnt tricked you. What are you guys planning on doing in the RN?

    Best of luck
  7. Thanks Luke; there is only really the mechanical comprehension that I'm concerned about but I'm sure I'll be alright.
  8. The mechanical comprehension is easy, well to me it was, but i found maths hard were as others may find it easy.

    Good luck,
    Luke (Chicogiz)
  9. I'm planning on going in as a warfare officer. Spent ages thinking about each different branch and thats the one that appeals to me the most.
  10. Hey i just want to go in as a rating as seaman spec.
  11. Same here mate.
  12. Hey ninja, mario? You know i done the aptitude tests and failed 1st time and i had to wait 6 months to retake which is in october, will i still have to wait a year for the seaman spec role or im i on the waiting list while im doing waiting to retake my test?

    Many thanks,
    Luke (Chicogiz)
  13. does anyone know good websites that are free that i can revise off?
  14. Chicogiz, I'm not sure if this is amazing help, but the questions looked similar to the RN one. practice test
    It looks alright, and its timed so it'll be like the real thing, only shorter. You could also try the RAF site, they have a mock airmens test which I believe has the same type of questions

    Hope it helps
    Edit: adding further info
  15. Thanks for the help, i will try that.

    Many thanks,
    Luke (Chicogiz)
  16. Hi are you doing a course or going to a place of learning as I thought that you could only retake the test in six months from failing your first test by providing proof that you have attended a place of learning or done a course otherwise you have to wait a year correct me if I am wrong
  17. And........breathe.

    (I can lend you some full stops if you like :dwarf: )
  18. Yeah thats right but i only wait 6 months as i was still in school when i took my test so he said it will be 6 months as i was still in school, but i left now so got to go in and they said october i will do it again, so for me its been 5 months lol.

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