Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by B(_)boiler, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Just a though why are the times not shown in 24hr. format.
  2. You can change the times shown on the forum to 24 hour format if you so wish. Go to the "My Account" page, then "My Preferences" which you will find on the left-hand menu under "Configuration".
  3. It's to make it easier for the civilians.

    Royal Marines would be more comfortable with 24hr format but the Royal Naval members have actually asked for a picture of a clock-face so that they can see where the big hand and the little hand are............. :roll:

  4. quite right too - think how rough it gets in Lil's, essential to know where all the hands are ...
  5. Just for Berg!

  6. Thanks Dunkers.
  7. Bells and watches would be good enough.

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