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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Expanding a reply I made to another topic ,if you could travel back in time
    what major historical event would you like to see actually happening?

    You would be there as an observer and not involved.

    My own would be the Battle of the Little Big Horn as this has always interested me to what actually happened.
  2. Hmm, quite difficult one this.

    I think, I'd like to see the Battle of Hastings, 1066 :)
  3. British-Zanzibar War 1896, Shortest war ever which lasted 45 mins.
    Not really to see the 'battle', Just to see the look on the Brits faces afterwards.
  4. I'd like to travel back in time to April 3rd 1982 to the moment the police were sent round to the door at our holiday flat to tell my husband he was recalled. I would have pushed him down the stairs when he went to answer the door and hoped for at least a couple of broken legs.


    To 1800 of the night of April 9th 1982, to the jetty at Southampton. I'd give anything to have one more hug and kiss.
  5. That war lasted 38 minutes!
  6. coo! This is a huge question!

    1. Omaha Beach 6/6/45 - in a protective bubble obviously
    2. Richard III's chamber when he was discussing the little princes in the tower
    3. Valley of Fire National Park, Nevada 28/4/2004 - I do wish that I had pointed out the scorpion to everyone else!
    4. Winter 1808-9 - retreat from Corunna
    5. May 1945 - discovery of Belsen by the British
    6. Last hours of Anthony and Cleopatra
    7. Isandlwana Rorke's drift - Jan 1879
  7. did he not come back then - my sincere apologies if he didnt.
  8. I'd like to have stood alongside Nelson on the deck of the Victory at Trafalgar (in a protective bubble) so that I could see exactly what went on and what his last words really were.
  9. You and me both :thumright:
    Also the Battle of Waterloo. I also would have liked to see what Hannah Snell looked like :w00t:
  10. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Next to Mohammed when he got the word of God delivered. Would have had a little chat and asked him to be very specific about suicide bombers and such like.
  11. I'd like to meet Marie Curie.

    If possible be a G Spot nozzer under Capt.Le Fanu, but er not in the mid 1950s but the mid 1970s... and be treated VERY GENTLY! :biggrin:

    I'd like to have met Jesus and ask him why he was so ambigious in his comdemnation of slavery; and if only Jews could become Christians (ie what authority did Paul actually have?)
  12. Rod G. its a fascinating site. Where the bodies were found the next day, they have placed markers on the actual site. So you can see how the battle unfolded, forget the feckin Bollywood version. Custer and his arrogance got what he diserved. The shallow scrapes are still there and you get a real feel for what happened and when as you can walk between the ridges......just like at Gettysburg, whicjh is also a must.

    But the clincher for us was one of the Guides, his GGrandfather was killed there.........
  13. Actually he was :)
  14. I'd go to Dallas on November 22nd 1963 (with a modern video recorder) and record what actually happened to JFK on that day, just to end the controversy once and for all.
  15. He clearly condemns the killing of the innocent AND any form of SUICIDE. The problem is that the Koran does allow, under specific circumstances, the killing of the ememies of Islam. But then much of the Koran is identical to the Bible, which is equally littered with contradictions.

    Those who commit either will automatically suffer eternal torment and never set eyes, let alone touch with any other parts of their anatomy, a virgin [again?].
  16. DAMN!

    I think the chap who timed it must have sparked as it reached it's end, and noted the time when done.
  17. Me too.
  18. On the other hand, I would have liked to have been at Sarajevo, August 1914.

    Then I could have taken the pistol from the assassin's hand and shoved it up his arse! Thus avoiding World Wars 1 & 2.
  19. Niner
    Loved and respect your post bless you. I came back but a different person take care.
  20. I really feel for you on that one. Puts everything else in life into perspective

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