Time to wind you over sensitive sailor types up again!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Sorry mate, saw that minger in the front of the phot and didn't bother to read the rest.

    Only joking :)
  2. thats what i thought Lamri not reall waste of a girl,
  3. Can't certain members of Her Majesties Armed Forces get back to the job in hand ie serving the nations interests abroad instead of bleating on about racial, sexual, and sexual orientation equality. As far as i'm concerned It's not much of an issue in 21'st century Britain. Unfortunatley there's too many useless martys and windbags around who have'nt got the minerals to do the job and as we all know when the chips are down there are a few people out there who will pull the Card out for the specific minority they fit into. In the mob these day's across the board i'm confident to say that if your good enough to do the job you will succeed regardless of your minority status.
    On a final note do i have to suffer any more fat lesbians prancing down the streets of London? Number 2 in line is an absolute gipper! Get her on a BFT soonest i say!
  4. Luke surely people that feel that they are treated UNequally have the RIGHT to march up and down the streets of London until they feel that something is being done about it?

    Personally I don't think that anyone in the mob IS discriminated against these days more than HETEROSEXUALS are.

    IF I have to share my ablutions with someone of the opposite sexual leanings to me I would much rather it was a FEMALE! :)
  5. Seeing as they have done such a good job, maybe they could go & try it in a local mosque??
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    yawn yawn....
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ok Thingy, I'll bite if only to say that if individuals want to go on such a march in their own time, in plain clothes, that's fine, but I think it's out of order to wear the real Queen's uniform in such a setting. But clearly the admirals (who look so young these days) don't agree with me.
  8. God times change. :pukel:
  9. I've got nothing against queers…

    I just wish they'd stop trying to shove their agenda down my throat
  10. Do you know OS, there has been times in my life when I have wished that certain men would stop doing that as well!
  11. I've got nothing against straight women…

    I just wish they'd stop trying to shove their cleavage before my gaping eyes.... :lol: ...and drooling gob... :lick:

    No...only joking.... honest!
  12. Contributor Mode

    Thingy (bite)

    The debate is still, "Is the gay pride march a political statement and event?". I think it is and in that case then it is my belief that the uniform of any discipline force should not be worn at an overt Political event/march/demonstration/meeting be it Gay Pride, Green Peace, Socialist Workers Party, Tory Party, BNP, Ban the Bomb. Country Side Alliance. IRA either in support or protest. The only uniform to be seen is that of Police Officers and St. John's Ambulance Brigade first aiders on duty.

    Would the same Senior Naval Officers be happy to see half a dozen or more Matelots marching along supporting all or any of the organizations listed above. Or even sitting in the road outside Faslane Naval Base if they have some form of objection to Strategic Nuclear Weapons.

    Gays in the navy, who really cares, using the uniform to support a contentious/political agenda yes I care.

  13. Think yourself lucky, they don't shove it up your bum
  14. Rosie, as long as it's only their agenda.
  15. Nutty, the picture shocked me.... I just cannot cope with women in traditional square rig... I least I think they're women.... but you never know, what with navy types of yore allegedly putting on women's dresses, black fishnet stockings and posing as dancing, er, girls! I feel sick!

    Slim, I guessed too that Oil Slack was using Polari when she mentioned "agenda". Sooooooo rude, these girly types! ;)

    The Thing
  16. Excuse me Slim, but I think you are being smutty!

  17. Spot on Nutty
    My only other observation is that if people must participate in Parades, they should do it properly, under the supervision of a GI(or whatever the CPOAWT is calling himself this week.)Preferably one who has hadhis leave stopped for the occasion.
  18. Thanks Rosie, nicest thing anyone has said in a longtime.
  19. Ur--- why single me out to post it???

    People know my views- it doesnt need bringing to the fore front again thank you x

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