Time To Play In Our Own Backyard


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Jack77 said:
The Australian Prime Minister is advocating a larger defence force to deal with regional issues. I find this rather startling as the last time Labor increased defence spending was during WWII. Sounds good in theory but one wonders where he will get the people from.
How about having a web-site or two advertising the benefits to current RN personnel of emigrating to Australia and receiving fast-tracked immigration visas..... oh, old idea, already being done by the Aussies and the Kiwis.
Perhaps Mr Rudd, contrary to many politicians labelling themselves Labour, can actually read the writing on the proverbial wall. You Ockers occupy a particularly interesting (in the Chinese sense) corner of the planet. Maybe he realises that you can't generate a viable response to events in the expected flash to bang interval.

As I remember it, Australia has a claim to some significant mineral wealth in the Southern Ocean. Investing in the means of defending it would seem a sensible investment.
The attitude of my friend in Kiwi stinks. I am so glad none of my kids joined the military!! :pukel: We do not need any military we have Australia to look after us. :pukel: I am so happy to report that is not the view of the ex Kiwi servicemen I met down there.

A nice low level pass by two OZ F111 shook the apple orchards around Havelock North. The F111 due to be retired in 2010 not by popular request I hear!!
I would really like to believe the PMs statement, however talk is cheap and I will become a believer once I see some concrete evidence that he really means what he says. The fact that he made these statements to an RSL audience in Townsville smacks of preaching to the converted in the hope of gathering a little more support in National Party territory.

Unfortunately the attitude of many Kiwis, stand fast thier service people and ex-service community, is as Backpacker says. It starts right at the top with the PM and carries on down.