Time to hoist the Saltire

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by The_Jimmy, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. So the Scots will vote for Independence.....with english help? 8O
  2. Gets my vote
  3. And mine, they will come crawling back when the shit hits the fan!!
  4. Gets my vote, but just how will we replace them all when they have to leave the Armed Forces. :)
  5. Draft them all to boats and send them to faslane...simples
  6. I wouldn't get that excited about getting rid of us yet, Wee Eck has little chance of getting his referendum bill through so it is unlikely there will be any chance of a referendum before 2011 and even then that will depend on Wee Eck getting enough votes in the Parliament.
  7. Peter, That little McNazi got into power on slim majority of votes in a referendum that had an overall turnout of 39%. Imagine if that were to happen on an independence referendum? I hope your right about the bill.

    ...and before anyone says anything about the McNazi comment - Having met one of his minions I have good reason to refer to him and his party by that name.
  8. I'll gladly pay an income tax surcharge to rebuild Hadrians Wall when they do. :D
  9. It can't happen too soon for me.If they want to close Faslane let them.I'm sure Guzz would be glad to take in all the displaced boats,crews and famillies.Trouble is I think the Scots are a bit too canny and will see through the power crazy clique that is the SNP.
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    IMO, the SNP will lose the referendum and next Scottish election. They will still have a large number of seats and influence, and I believe this will make them stronger. Whilst they are in the opposition and Labour in power (Conservatives and a few more SNP MP's in Westminster), the Scottish Parliament will gain increased powers, taxes etc. In 10-15 years is the time to really take the SNP serious.
  11. First there is not going to be a referendum, the opposition parties have played straight into Wee Ecks game, he doesn't want a referendum now as he wont win (just look at the Irish referendum on Lisbon) but rather than cancel the idea getting it binned by the Tories and the Labourt and limp Dem numpties puts him in the clear so that he can wait till better times.

    Equally I do not think Wee Eck cares that much about who is in power in Westminster, he will always pull their chain, just for fun if for no other reason. My MP certainly hasn't got the measure of him and Call me Dave will have to be a bit smarter that he has shown himself to be so far..

    Who will form the next Scottish government, way to soon to try and guess that one, but it is like3ly to be another minority government, as things stand the Limp Dems seem to have lost their enthusiasm for coalition and the chances of any two of the remaining three getting into the same bed are slim (even when pissed) so another 4 years of a government on a shoogly peg, though Wee Eck has shown it can be done.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Best thing that can happen is for Salmoon and his elk to be given the power to alter taxes in Scotland and at the same time the loading per head for the PJ's in extra tax money be reduced, you can already hear the screaming when as Jock's pocket gets prised open for the extra monies needed for the various give a ways that the Uk as a whole has paid for to date.

    Is there any way that Scotland could stand alone financially?
  13. Independence, sure go ahead, that Bonnie Ponce Charlie was an Italian cissy in any case. No wonder they have a frock as their national dress :roll:
  14. As an Englishman, I think the UK would be much the poorer culturally without the Scots, Irish and Welsh quite apart from any financial impacts (positive or negative) on the various devolved budgets.

    It grieves me to see all these political shenanigens. When I visit Scotland (not as often as I would like) I am delighted by how staunchly proud of their heritage they are, ditto Wales and ditto Ireland.

    We have worked well together (IMHO) through some very difficult times and continue to do so despite numb nut politicians who can't see beyond their own noses.

    As the old adage goes, "if it aint broke, don't mend it" and in my opinion, it aint broke!
  15. What we do in the privacy of our own homes at the weekends is our own business, so keep your snoring horn oot.
  16. Pity the Spanish government which has to deal with six autonomous states, one of which is almost independent as it is, and others are leaping on the band wagon; forgetting IMHO all the work that has been done since the end of the Franco dictatorship to heal the old divides.
    The Scots hankering for independence from a system which as you say 'ain't broke' would do well to look at Catalunya and see what is happening.
    Foreign companies in particular are fleeing the place in droves. Those individuals with means, the ones that will not be bullied into learning a minority language, are seeping away down south, taking their wealth with them. The unemployment rate in Catalunya is now more than 10 percent.
    It's a pity because what was once the most prosperous part of the country may not stay that way for much longer.
  17. And yes your arses do look fat in them :lol:
  18. I have always suspected the real reason both Labourt and the Tories (the only two parties that have seen the proper UK books in the last 50 years) are so against Scottish independance is that the country that would suffer fincially would be England. After all who pays for the massive ammount paid per head forr the good citizens of London, upon whom the municifent Westminster spends even more per head on than any where else in the UK.

    Now if I was unfortunate enough to be a Janner living Dorset I would be far more excercised over the spending in London.
  19. So where are you suggesting this massive subsidy that the Scot's pay England comes from?
    Please do not tell me oil or gas. Although the companies drilling and pumping are running the operations from Scotland, I do believe the biggest investor has at this time still not exercised Deed Poll and become Mc Texaco.
    If I have understood the Investors guide correctly the bigger part of UK finance for development and industry in Scotland is raised in England.
    If the Scots love their history and rejoice in it and your traditions, hear this,......You are a conquered Nation and tradition dictates you do as your told.
    Or is that a tad too orthodox a tradition? :twisted: :twisted: :wink:

    And as I feel in a "Don't give a sh1t mood" I will say as you have not yet attained this mystical release from English brutality and tyranny, would you carry on and spell in English, which would involve correcting several spelling mistakes in your post. :D :D McSimples.
  20. Aren’t we all a conquered nation with the Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha on the throne? :)

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