Time to book that holiday.

Looking for a cheap two weeks away? Why not try the Bassac Apartments
in sunny Cambodia? Only ten quid all inclusive (local drinks and vermin
are included) for 14 nights departing from Exeter and Bristol throughout
June and July 2011. Experience a country as the locals experience it.
You don't need infinity pools, mini-bars and sun kissed beaches. Have
a holiday to remember and return to England in your own bespoke body-bag.
(Holiday ref: Thomsons 666)
Phone your local Thomsons agent for further details.


If you have a pet dog - then I can recommend Seaton Beach in Cornwall
during the holiday season. They don't mind you taking the pooch for a
"walkies". Here's a photo of my dog Scamp (taken last summer). Don't
know who that lot are who ruined the f***ing picture. Some people have
no consideration whatsoever.


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