Time to begin


Not sure if this is in the right section!?

When are the intakes for officer training, is there more than once a year. Also, after you get through the selection (sorry IF you get through) how long before you can start training.

Taken from the BRNC website: "In April of this year BRNC commenced an ambitious and challenging, though patently achievable, project of moving from the traditional 3 entries per annum to 6 each year, effectively receiving a group of new entry officers every 7 weeks". Link to site is http://www.britannia.ac.uk/

I believe it was 34 Officers taken in this year, and it was Very competitive, as a number of good guys I know did not make the final cut. However it may be a case of who you know, not what you know as i did meet one guy who is starting this year, who can really only be described as a Biff!


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