Time this site was cleaned up.

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by NotmeChief, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. These forums have gone past a joke now, and it's time it was cleaned up.

    There is no moderation of the over the top racist and other discriminatory remarks, it has started to fill up with porn and the final straw was the thread 'Disabled car parking spaces'.
    What started off as a bite thread has turned into one of the worse examples of hatred on here.

    Laughing at the likes of RJ is pathetic and the stuff on here is not jack speak or jack sense of humour.

    Enough is enough, time to bring it back in line.
  2. Did your mum not hand you A)Thick skin B)a sense of humour on the way out of her gush hole?
  3. I often wonder if the Mods have given up the ghost on occasion.
  4. Sorry I couldn't resist a wind up reply :twisted:
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not really appropriate in site issues!

    NotmeChief that thread was started in Lils by I believe the user formerly known as nails/nailz, who has been banned twice in the last few days. It was moved to the gash by silverfox. Wheres the porn?
  6. I know but just banning someone by name isn't enough, they should also ban the IP address attached to him.
  7. Presumably you are aware that there are a number of ways to work around that particular approach?
  8. Yes I do, but continually having to change your method to come and make a post will eventually get on ones tits and they will stop.

    I had to put a block on 43 IPs before the problem stopped. Proxies only have limited routes and eventually run out of gateways.

    It can be done, it just needs persistance.

    The likes of Nails post can be removed or locked as soon as they appear.

    But it's not just about blocking someone, the standard of posts have dropped to the lowest it has ever been and some are clearly breaking the law, but there is no moderation on them at all.
  9. The RR MODs usually adopt a low profile on the boards most of the members of the site are adults and are able to ignore (Or take a deep breath and count to 10.) the more juvenile/purile/BS posts on here or join in if that toasts your crumpet.
    The only place that really needs any attention is the Current Affairs forum and Seadog and others keep a good eye on that to remove dross.
    If the MODs were suddenly to start cutting a swathe through their respective forums we'd get the usual howls of "CENSORSHIP!!!!"
  10. editing post full of racial hatred is not Censorship.
  11. As was pointed out in this thread this actually began in lils which as we all know has its particular blend of humour. The username john_stubbs AKA nails, AKA XRD. ad nauseum started the thread and his name was reported by myself to the MODS as he was PM'ing me under that assumed name after yet another bite!!

    I'm not exactly sure where people are being rascist or illegal though so you might need to point that out to me!!

  12. Is it just me but:

    This site is open to everyone on t'web and it carries the names, albeit unofficially, of our organisations. Some things that may be viewed as "a bit of a laugh" can have serious repurcussions on how we are viewed in general and may not show us in a very good light to those who pay our wages.
  13. If you feel strongly about a post report it to the relevant MOD, ie the MOD who moderates that particular forum. The MODs can be contacted via a direct link from the Forum lists page.
    Or the COs, although they may be busy elsewhere and a response amy take longer.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    With regard banning IP addresses, if you enter a complete IP address (, only that IP will be banned.

    If you enter a partial IP (eg: 243.21.11.) , any IPs that begin with that IP will be banned. It's also possible to use an '*' as a wildcard. For example, if you enter 243.21.11*, all IPs will be banned in that range.
  15. IP banning probably won't be entirely effective because it is likely that Nails is allocated a dynamic address by his/her ISP. Are they using the same e-mail address each time? Not that that method is very successful either...
  16. FFS has everybody gone fcuking soft or what!!! Racism i dont buy into whatsoever but FFS it has to be recognised that its banter and if people are too sensitive to it then they should just do one and go elsewhere!!
  17. It used to be banter years ago before you even realised RR existed, but it's not banter any longer.

    Irrespective of where the Nails thread started or was moved to, it still says the same thing. Having a 'rough' tag on a forum don't make it alright.
  18. Wow and i joined in march 2006 originally. How did that happen then??
  19. there's plenty of websites to post drivel and the don't have Royal Navy and Royal Marines plastered all over them.

    I am not "soft" and I am on plenty of other websites posting outlandish stuff - just not this one.
  20. Am I missing something? Where is this "racism"?

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