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Time spent away from home?


Lantern Swinger

These are the leave dates for 2018, they apparently differ slightly but not much.

The leave is:
Easter Friday 30 Mar - Monday 16 Apr

Summer Friday 03 Aug - Monday 03 Sep

Xmas Friday 21 Dec - Monday 07 Jan

I would presume a recruit /serving personel would be working when not on leave during those dates - that I'm aware of you also get weekends off in and after Phase 2 unless on duty or deployment.

I hope this helps a bit?


War Hero
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If your talking seagoing, how long away fro home, how longs a piece of string, it could be 9 days or 9 months depending on what ship/submarine you're on and it's tasking. Same applies to when you get back to UK.

It's really an un-answerable question.


War Hero
one 12 month period away from home, didn't get any leave only occasionally a weekend, then other times home every night, the sea time was some times a bitch for time off?
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