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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by watch_the_birdie, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. I had my sift interview last week which I found to be quite an informal affair, but then maybe I was expecting too much. Anyway, I passed. I now obviously have AIB to look forward to and therefore I need to properly brush up on things, including the "training pathway" of my chosen branch(es).

    Can someone possibly enlighten me on how the terms at BRNC work for someone who is looking at ATCO, and possibly observer. I just can't seem to get my head around how much time of these branches spend there...I know the observers go off for grading at some point, but when is this placed, and for how long do you return to Dartmouth after it? Does this "grading" period apply to ATCOs too, or what?

    I maybe looking into too much detail into this, but I would like to have it clear in my mind how these training paths work, as the website and literature I have don't seem to help on this much, apart from giving some vague periods of months here and there.

  2. Hmm.. I don't suppose you could give me any pointers on how my sift interview will go?!?! I have mine on Friday!

    I'm learning a hell of a lot in terms of what my job might entail, what I might fly, training pipelines etc

    In answer to your question, I'll tell you what I got from the RN website in terms of training pipelines for pilot (observer probably being similar)

    Weeks 1-7 Militarisation phase
    Weeks 7-21 Initial Sea Training - 7 weeks studying at Dartmouth, Flying grading, then 7 weeks on a warship
    Weeks 21-28 Passing out phase
    Then on to professional training in chosen branch
  3. I believe the IOT regime mentioned above will be changing drastically as of the end of April. If you do a quick search for 'BRNC term structure' the new plan is there somewhere. Perhaps an BRNC April entry could confirm this?
  4. As said, BRNC structure now slightly different as of April.

    28 weeks. 2 terms, 14 weeks each.
    7 weeks IST now = 10 weeks IFT (initial fleet time), which to my understanding is some form of merger of IST & CFT. This happens in weeks 14-24.
    Grading is 2 weeks for pilots, observers and ATC and happens after passing out. Pilots & ATC at Yeovilton, observers at Culdrose.

    I'm pretty sure a better breakdown of the new structure has been posted before so a bit of digging around will find it.

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