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Time scale for hearing the good news?


Hi all,

I passed my fitness test last saturday, and was just wondering what sort of time scale I was looking at in regards to hearing from the AFCO with a date for Raleigh. Obviously I'm not expecting the phone call right away, but is it something like a month or two or longer?

Also, is it worth phoning the CA tomorrow to make sure everything is in place reference wise (and to ask how long it would take to hear back with a date)? I know that one of my referees has sent my reference off for sure, but I'm not sure about the other one yet...

Anyway, any answers will be greatly appreciated :)


War Hero
You will be told a term before you join so say 4 moths or so before you actually join so depends on how long the waiting time is for your chosen trade.

But I stand by to corrected by ninja or super mario if I am wrong.


War Hero
Samwise is going in as an AET and sat his/her RT at the end of January. As wait for AET is 16 months, start date is likely to be late Spring 2011, so would expect letter Christmas/January.


soleil said:
Samwise is going in as an AET and sat his/her RT at the end of January. As wait for AET is 16 months, start date is likely to be late Spring 2011, so would expect letter Christmas/January.

Thanks for the replies.

Whoa whoa did you know I'm going in as an AET? Witchcraft I say.

I was told it was a 13 month wait back when I took my RT in Jan :( Oh well, I guess I'm prepared to wait a little longer. Thats quite a long time before I hear though, I thought it was sooner than that although I suppose it's not hard to figure out a ball park date if I count forward 16ish months is it? Thanks for the info.


The recruitment pipeline has slown down massively due to the RN being almost fully manned. AET's in particular have been over recruited and now fance a lengthy delay before they join.

the problem we have at the moment in Raleigh is that some people are taking so long to get in they drop off doing phys, do f#ck all prep for their ironing / handwashing / sewing. Leading from that they struggle when forced into High leg combat boots. if you are a clever chap, and joining as an AET you must have a degree of intelligence, i would suggest you get cracking on these things. Buy yourself a basic pair of combat boots from ebay and start toughening up your feet. Learn how to sew and start aiming for a 9 minute 2.4k run, 40 push ups minimum, 60 sit ups and some good 60 sprints.

Importantly learn how to iron! it is a fundamental element of training yet so many recruits turn up unprepared and struggle!


Very interesting and helpful post logicaltim :)

I must admit, I've not done a huge amount of sewing since my sea cadet days so I will need to brush up on that. Ironing I'm ok at, I wear suits regularly and iron all my own clothes etc. When it comes to physical, I'm running the 2.4k at around the 10.40 mark at the moment but with my training schedule, that should drop over time, or at least I hope it will.

I'm not saying I'm anywhere near being prepared yet, but it does baffle me why people would go through such a lengthy, and life changing process so half arsed almost to the point of making me angry lol. It's slightly irritating that the right time for me to join up coincides with a recession and massive youth unemployment, but hey ho, complaining here won't solve anything now will it! Just gotta suck it up.
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