'Time right' for UK Iraq troops??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by The_Real_Slim_Shady, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. BBC reporting:

    The outgoing commander of British forces in Iraq has indicated that most of the 4,100 UK troops in the country could be withdrawn by next summer.


    So guys and girls on the ground... is he right?

    Over to you
  2. As one of the 'Guys and Girls' on the ground, I don't think it is my place to comment - having been on the ground in town and seen the situation I have an opinion but along with the rest of us out here is doesn't really matter what we think, we will remain here, doing our best to improve the life of Iraqis, either directly or indirectly, until our political masters decide that we go home.
  3. I suppose if the PM or the Scottish Secretary go for a vote winning firm pull out timetable, Ali the Terr would surely cooperate. Keep his ragged head down to portray peace and tranquillity? Once the tactical withdrawal, sorry, Operation end is finally complete, he can do whatever he wants wherever he wants.
  4. In view of all the other sh** that is going down both at home and abroad at the moment I don't see that pulling out of Iraq, in what ever time scale is a 'vote winner'.

    I suspect that the average voter's 'botheredometer' won't even twitch when Iraq is mentioned while he looks at prices going up around him whilst trying to afford his mortgage payments.

    In the bigger picture, you really should look into the situation a bit more to fully understand the position of 'Ali the Terr' at the moment.
  5. I've clearly missed something significant since TELIC kicked off. All informed education from Site experts on counterinsurgency is welcomed.

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