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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Bellex, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. First of all guys, A very big Hello from me, I've been snooping around these forums for a bit now but decided to register.

    I was applying to the Royal Navy as a Diver back in 2009, unfortunately I developed a knee Injury which failed my Medical. The doctor gave me 2 years to re-apply so I took some time out and went travelling in South-East Asia. In 2011 I spent 6 months in Thailand then returned home for 2 months before shooting off to Vietnam for another 7 months. I have now been home 4 months.

    I was just wondering if this in any way would affect my current application as the Navy require you to live in the UK 5 years prior to your application.

    Cheers guys
  2. You seem to have provided the answer to your question in the last sentence. If the RN require you to have lived in the UK for the five year period before applying to join, and you haven't it cannot fail to affect your application. Is it me?
  3. But my home address has always been in the UK, I have been travelling as opposed to living in another country.
  4. Then tell them that and see if it makes a difference. By the way, I have no experience in recruiting but oodles of common sense. Everyone should have some.
  5. Bellex - my advice would be to have a chat with your local Armed Forces Careers Office who will be able to advise you best on this issue. A quick phone call would suffice I'm sure.
    LujonSA- Bellex wanted some advice and not sarcasm. Not everybody is perfect like yourself.
  6. I'm perfect :)
  7. No you're not you have a scab on your bell end.
    You said I caused it.

    And if I were clebbies i would not come on a new site and start laying down protocol after 5 posts.
    Asking a question and then answering it your self as LujonSA pointed out is a little bone.
    Wrecker that's sailor talk for stupid, good innit?
  8. Rummers..shut up you senile old fart. That's wrecker talk for "shut up you senile old fart" :) and I can't take anyone seriously whose screen name is Bellex!!
  9. I thought this was a forum for advice about joining.
  10. Hi Bellend, sorry Bellex. Sorry, I couldnt help myself. :kermit:

    Anyways, I lived in China for 9 months prior to applying to join the RN. I had to apply for a residency waiver. This required details of my trip, including visas, employer references, addresses of residences and an official document proving I had acquired no criminal record from my time there. All the paperwork from the RN detailing what I needed was very self explanatory and easy to understand. The hard part was getting the bloody Chinese to understand what I needed. :pissedoff:

    Anyway, I got what they needed and I was granted a waiver. Pretty easy process, just be honest and keep all your documentation from your time abroad.

    Hope this helps, PM me if you have any other questions.

    Last edited: Dec 13, 2012
  11. Did you bump into Gary Glitter?
  12. Fortunately no.
  13. You was given advice. You asked a question and then answered it yourself. If pointing out that that is not exactly logical is sarcasm, and you are easily offended then I would seriously rethink your career.
  14. It makes no difference as your permanent residence was always the UK (I assume). It doesn't matter how long you have been away for as you have always had a permanent residence in the UK, unless you officially went non-resident for tax purposes. To put it another way, you wouldn't be declaring you spent 2 weeks in Benidorm, they are just holidays albeit slightly longer.
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  15. You fuckin bozo, read it again.
    I was indicating BONE not wrecker meant stupid.
    Now I ain't so sure.
  16. Like I said, "Is it me?"

    If Bellex thinks that thirteen months in SE Asia in a 24 month period is a holiday he is deluding himself. If the rule says you have to have resided in the UK for five years before applying to join up, that is what is required and if that rule cannot be met the fact that it cannot be met MUST affect Bellex's application. The question does not need to be asked, the answer is self evident.

    If Bellex wants to know if a loophole exists that can get around the rule that is a different question and more relevant to his application. Either way, best of luck but ask the right question if you want a pertinent answer.
  17. Hey! :) I'm gonna be a pain and ask for some advice please :angel11: I had my medical Tuesday, passed the tests on the day but I haven't yet passed the medical as they want further medical history, anyone ever experienced this before? Roughly how long does it take for them to review my medical history? I got an appointment with my doctors tomorrow to ask him to send my medical history to the doctor who examined me. I think I should of taken my history to the appointment, I mistakenly thought the doctor would have had my history there, silly me! Haha :) oh well, one step closer anyways. :D
  18. Oh no, wrong forum.. :oops:
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Residency - Basic Requirements

    The Residency requirement is part of the Security Clearance procedure and is irrespective of the nationality of the candidate.

    Unless satisfactory security checks can be carried out in the candidates’ country of residence, candidates for entry into the Naval Service should normally have resided in the UK or in a lower risk country for a minimum of 5 years immediately prior to making an application.

    In certain circumstances, particularly where an applicant is of UK origin and under age 18, a shorter period of residence may be accepted.

    SC applications will only be processed for candidates who have lived in the UK (or in lower risk countries) for a minimum of 3 years immediately prior to their application. Lower Risk Countries are not published in the public domain however common sense applies with regard the diplomatic links with UK as indicated on the FCO website.

    Residency outside the UK for less than 12 continuous months within the last 5 years may be disregarded. In addition, candidates who do not meet the Residency requirement because they were living abroad who were, or with parents, on Crown service will also be given special consideration.

    For UK citizens resident overseas in countries other than "Low Risk" countries, it can speed up the security clearance process if you can provide a list of overseas places of residency and dates - it also helps if you can obtain a Police check certificate to prove you have not been "involved" with the local constabulary.
  20. Thank you Ninja Stoker, that is all I wanted.

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