time off after basic?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by unknown, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Howdy! im off to raleigh in july for my basic training. After the 8 weeks do we get a few days off? will i be able to go straight home with my girlfreind after my passing out parade? After 8 weeks il be desperate for a shag you see!
  2. Shipmate, don't know if it will be the same for your branch (whatever it will be) but when I left Fisgard squadron we went straight to Sultan. After a night off with family so you could squeeze a shag in!
  3. Mate after 8 weeks away your misses will be shacked up with someone else anyway. Now is your chance to see the world and shag it. Dont let a bird from before you joined up spoil your chance of sowing your wild oats .
  4. I was straight on the coach to Collingrad on the Saturday after passing out on the Friday.

    Life in a blue suit, Jack!
  5. I think generally now you get the weekend off after you pass out of raliegh, all depends when your course starts though!
  6. the SAs had to be back by 5pm on the following Monday if that helps....
    ..which was no time after a total of 12 hours driving and getting back at 4am in Suffolk (via Southend for inlaws) then sleeping most of Saturday Well trying to with a month old baby and getting up at 5am to get train back ot 6.15am Monday morning. So we had Sunday :)

  7. and even in that day no shag as I only gave birth a month before so dont get her pregnant if thats your plan........although when he got 2 weeks leave for the birth we tried to speed things along with it.....the midwife said that some hormoue in speam can start labour.....didnt work but was fun still. :oops:
  8. boring boring boring boring boring .
  9. ....during the war...
  10. Two Weeks Leave ????
  11. well he got a weeks leave but baby come 8 days late so said stay at home for 2nd week and then that went into xmas brake so he was off a month his PO was lovely :) and the commodor was really nice to!

    They arranged it as said he wouldnt get back for anymore births as going on V boats.

    It put his training back and he had to stay in hold over for 6 weeks but it was worth it.

    It was great proved the Navy does care :razz:
  12. Pleaseeee... Don't make it worse. Where is that lagging knife.
  13. I`ve slit my wrists, please, i beg of you, do not send help.
  14. but your give- a- ****- o-meter, suggests your interests in navy wifes shinanigans are almost of the scale?! :lol:
  15. Well that's what happens when you let fathers join the RN
  16. Why would anyone want leave after such a short time in the RN?
    Those keen sailors will be gnashing at the bit to get to part 2 training.
    As for a shag, what do you think night leave is for?
  17. I most probably will be "gnashing" to get to phase 2 training. I havent got there yet have I! dippy! :lol:

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