Time line from selection interview to completing eyetest question.


I applied to join the Royal Marines back in September 2014. I passed my everything and was sent away for my eye test. The opticians found a small cloud behind my left eye and requested i was sent for a intrusive eye exam at the hospital.
I informed my AFCO about this and told him the date for the test was in December which he was fine with. within a few days of my eye test i started to move and through the chaos of moving i lost my original eye test form that was completed. i hunted high and low for it but now i have requested a new form from my AFCO which i should have soon (Tuesday he should send it out to me)

In between then and now i have been training very hard running 1.5 miles a day increasing that to 2.4 miles then 4.8 miles. If i pace myself i can run the entire route fine. My 1.5 miles is around 9.30 (Personal best) and 10.45 is my slowest (Taking it easy)

Anyway going of topic. Is there any time limit on when i first apply to when i complete my eye test and have it sent away before my medical? I realise its been almost a year but with the move and finding out I'll be a proud daddy to a little girl due May 4th i have put off joining and completing everything but still training the whole time.

Once my medical is complete (If i havnt expired my join limit) i'd like to ask for 1 month before my PRMC (If its that fast) just to be 100% i wont fail. I cant afford to fail now.

Sorry for the long wall of text i hope its not too late. If so i'll be getting my new application in as soon as i can.


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Most people return their eye test form within 1-2 weeks.

Generally, if an applicant doesn't return the medical questionnaire & completed eyetest form within a month, the application is seen as non-productive & binned. After twelve months of inactivity or zero communication, all paper records are shredded under Data Protection legislation.

If your AFCO are prepared to give a second chance, that's their prerogative, the majority of civilian employers don't if you do not maintain a dialogue.

Good luck with Fatherhood, it'll stretch your admin skills further still.
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