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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Rem3pt, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. If everyone up front of the reactor does 6 on and 6 off, how the hell is one supposed to get a good nights sleep??

    Am i reading this 6 on, 6 off wrongly? Or is everybody walking around half asleep most the time?
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Beef bouillabaisse is a breakfast for champions. Enjoy. :p
  3. You sleep for 6 hours, then you get up for 6 hours, then you go back to sleep for 6 hours. Standard drills. Surface ships do it as well during defence watches. It's great, 12 hours a day in bed.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Just use one of your 6 hours off for doing all your admin, dhobi, self love, letter writing, scran etc. Then grab a few hours kip, use the other one which in fairness will be about 5 hours just for sleeping.
  5. I was told engineers tend to do 4 on 8 off. Is this true?
  6. Sounds good to me. You get used to it i guess. People tell me its still old school in terms of how many showers you can have, its not 1 shower a week still is it?? :D Yes rev everyone to the rear of the reactor does 4 on 8 off.
  7. I've heard some scary stories about those back afties.

    Apparently they eat their dead.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    ....and nosh the living......
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mushrooms. The Breakfast of Champignons... :wink:
  10. [​IMG]

    I always loved getting straight out of my pit, having a quick dhobi and tucking into a nice curry. Mmmmmmmmm.

    Just out of interest, if the back afties and the up fronties are working different different watch systems, do the chefs have to cook 8 meals a day?
  11. If you end up as a bomber queen - you will generaly relax down too 6 on 12 off once you leave the wall. As a non-qual dont expect to get much sleep. But when you get qualified and get 10 off, make sure you have things you can do - otherwise the days will draggggggg!
  12. The Back dafties, as I remember worked(watch keeping)

    from 0700-1900 3 on 6 off

    from 1900-0700 4 on 8 off

    This kept meal times standard, 1 o`clockers when aft in a fanny for those on 2300-0300

    Being a Front twunt after the meal and scrub out for rounds(if lucky the on watch would do it),watch a clickerty(film)fix defects, dhoby etc. and about 2 hrs doze. The next off watch 5hrs rack time.

    It messes with you for the rest of you life, still find it difficult to sleep for more than 5hrs and have a power nap 1/2 hour at lunch or tea time.

  13. Concur.

    I did a solid 8 weeks of defence watches once (6 on 6 off) it fcuked me up big style. It took about two years to get back into a normal sleeping pattern.
  14. It might mess you up but it's pretty good having your breakfast and then heading straight to bed for just about 5 hours of trying to sleep and having to pull your curtains shut every time a chef with big elbows passes through the bunkspace.

    Every could and all that
  15. My fine physique is testiment to the benefits of going straight to bed after a Full English :D
  16. That's because you picked the wrong one. I did the 0700-1300 so basically a normal day. Enjoyed the extra time in my rack and no messing with the body clock even after 18 years of it.
  17. I always got dicked with the afternoon/long morning watch. At least being an OM it meant I could alternate jobs and spend some time on the upper deck on the guns and some time down below watching a radar go round and round.

    My action station was the deep mag which meant mega head down time. I even had a pillow stowed in one of the empty 4.5'' cases. Me and my oppo once fell asleep and didn't hear the stand down from action stations pipe. We stayed in the deep mag for around 7 hours while everyone else had gone back into normal watches.
  18. One till Seven was my preferred choice. Get up at one minute to one in the morning, fully booted, spurred and skanky. Bimble through the Control Room like a rotting zombie with half a ton of whatever the Night Chef had left in the pot. Take the turnover in your sleep...mumble a bit and try to figure out where the f**k you actually where. Ensure your relief was up for breakfast - get relieved - eat breakfast at 100 m.p.h. - adjourn to your pit and opt to miss dinner, thereby adding a few more minutes to your zeds. Get relieved in time for supper - eat at same speed as breakfast and retire to bunkspace for zeds...get up at one minute to one in the morning (repeat this for as many weeks as was necessary - occasionally altering wake up time to brush teeth, shower or generally make yourself remotely human).

    This system was always f***ed up by the eerie sound of the ventilation system being shut down.....followed by the General Alarm, and people running around screamin' and shoutin'.

    Chefs? One worked through the night - getting everything ready for the day (Dinner/Supper stuff plus breakfast - the others worked the day doing everything else) - Night Chef baked the bread, and if he was good at it - there 'aint owt better than a bunch of fresh baked bread/baps to use when wedging up a hoofing enormous pile of scramblers first thing in the morning.
  19. I did 18 years back aft 1 in 3 (not continously before some smart arse jumps in) and 12 years Fwd 1 in 2. Have to say 1 in 2 was slightly better IMO especially First watch (7 til 1's). 1 til 7 (second watch) seriously fcuked me up for a week or so when I got back alongside.
  20. Try this for f***ed up.

    After being banged up in a big metal tube for weeks on end, and occasionally having to crash out socks and nicks, I usually dangled 'em around the confines of my pit. (i.e. bunk tray or near punka-louvre). When I got home - I continued stamping on my undercrackers and socks in the f***ing shower and my wife used to find 'em hanging from the cross pieces, under chairs in the kitchen or over the back of the bed frame. She was also shit-scared of the way I slept at home.....on me back, arms crossed like some ancient Pharoah...completely motionless. The bed clothes became diesel-flavoured in a short space of time, no matter how many showers or baths one had...and I was usually prancing around the kitchen at one in the morning, looking for something to eat.

    Sneakies 1974-1979 - I blame them Commie bastards!

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