time for a MOD muster.


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Is this the only record you have to play?

Some thoughts for consideration:

1. It does not matter in which forum a post is made, it will always be subject to moderation - there is no site in the world in which that does not happen and no site owners will ever forgo the right of veto. In the specific example of the JHC thread, that was removed by the COs themselves, not any individual MOD. If they chose not to give a reason, then thats their call - end of.

2. MODs are appointed by the COs to monitor and moderate as appropriate in their absence. Which they do. If you fee strongly about any issue then you have the recourse to appeal direct to the site owners.

3. RR is not a democracy. Moderation policy is not decided on the whim of a minority, but by the site owners.

As has been suggested on numerous occasions, membership of this site is not compulsory. If you don't want to play by the rules then go elsewhere. I would strongly suggest that you e-mail the COs directly with your complaints - its their trainset after all.

Hope this helps


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