Time between recruit test and inteview?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JaFAA, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Bit of a lame question I know. I'm applying to be a FAA pilot officer, and have a recruit test on Thursday. Assuming I pass that, how long is it generally till I get called up for an interview?
  2. If I remember rightly, you're going through Leeds. It currently seems to be about 4-6 weeks at Leeds between anything.

    Application sent on the 13th of January
    Recruiting test on the 12th of February
    Interview on the 18th of March
    Medical booked for the 20th of April- The earliest slot they had.
  3. had my RT late Feb and got told to go for an interview on the 9th MArch. (think it was less than 2 weeks).

    Had my eye test on the 16th and my medical on the 17th and now have my PJFT booked for the 27th.

    It can be chopped and changed a bit if you're persistant though. Luton Afco originally wanted me to take the RT late March. I just called them back and said
    "Can I book it earlier?"
    "No" we'e fully booked."
    "I'm willing to take the RT at any AFCO - Oxford, Northampton, anything"
    "Ok well we have a slot in Northampton in four days time."
    "Safe bredda."
  4. Well cant say for sure but after I passed mine I had my interview arranged that day and was booked for 2 days later.
    Its kind of down to availability really
  5. It depends on your ACLO's diary and how busy he/she is. Once he/she has your score from the test, he/she will ask you to come in when there is an interview slot free. How quickly depends on the region you're in.

    Why not ask who your ACLO is and send him/her an e-mail or give him/her a call?
  6. It seems I've done it in another order where I did the RT,then the eye test, then the medical, then the PJFT (last week) and after passing that I'm now waiting for my sift interview date.

    I went in for my initial chat in the first week of Feb, so I'm guessing I'm doing alright on the timescale of things so far. I'm expecting a big waiting gap once I (hopefully) pass the sift and then wait for the FATS (if I need to go) and then AIB....
  7. The time-gap definatley seems to be dependant on how busy the AFCO is at the time, I had my RT on a tuesday in April and had my sift interveiw on the friday of the same week. I just told the ACLO that I was graduating from university soon and wanted to get it all out of the way as quickly as possible.

    Also I second what zRichi says about being able to do bits of the selection process quicker if you are willing to do them at other AFCOs. When I did my medical I had the option of waiting 2 months to do it at Portsmouth or waiting a week to do it at Southampton.

    Good luck with the RT and the rest of the application process.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the info. My nearest AFCO is Leeds and that's about an hour away as it is. Next one's Scarborough and I think that might only be RAF, so there's not much chance of me asking for a different careers office!

    Anyway, the only reason I asked was so I'd have an idea of the time scale I've got to work with to start swotting up on my general service knowledge etc. Looks like things should be okay in that respect, so thanks for all the help!
  9. You're looking at about 4-6 weeks between RT and interview, according to my experience with Leeds.
  10. JaFAA

    The RN AFCOs in the North-East are:

  11. Awesome. Darlington's my next closest. If needs be I'll head there.
  12. I'm at the same stage in my application, had my test a few weeks ago and had my eye test about 2 weeks ago, just twiddling my thumbs waiting for an interview date. anybody got any idea how long it could be down in Canterbury?
  13. same ere, what do u want to go in as! i have just passed my RT today, however it was a very dificult test, i have a interview on tuesday, i only have to wait for 5 days and have a eye test on the same day.

    I am very nervous for the interview, the person who does it is known for failing people. 2 of me mates failed cos of him. Neways good luck

    p.s i want to go in as a chef
  14. I had my interview on the 23rd march and have got my med on the 24th april... I was brickin it for my interview.. Just make sure you know about what job your going to do.. I was very lucky as the she was really nice and it was quite laid back.
  15. I had my RT today, and the guy who passed with me got offered his medical and interview on the 31st March. So - can be as little as 5 days. I guess my AFCO is just quiet.
  16. Wouldn't it be more sensible to assume that two of your mates failed because of themselves?
  17. What!!!! Lucky bastard!!!!
    Anyway mate...well done for passing it
  18. I think the medical has been the worst part of the process so far, only have my PJFT left to go!!!!
  19. it seems to differ everywhere. i had about a 3week wait after my recruit test til i went for my interview. it could have been shorter but i wanted time to do my preparation for it. however after passing my interview in the morning, i had my medical in the afternoon, and then pass my PJFT 6am the next morning :D !! got it all sorted well quickly! got my date through in january for raleigh as 14th june.
  20. Well, my sift interviews on the 17th April so it's all good really. Just the right amount of time to knuckle down and learn all the things I'll need to know.

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