Time away?

Hi everyone, i have tried to find this out elsewhere but have not been able to find a decent answer to this. I was wondering how often you are deployed on average? I know theres probably no certain answer for this, but just any answers based on personal experience will be handy. Basically my girlfriend is really worried about how often (or not) we won't see each other. I know i'll be going away a lot as it's the job (obviously.) By the way i am hoping to go in as an ET(ME). As i'm sure it's different for different roles.
The problem is i'm not too sure if there is actually any serious answer to the question. I don't really know if people are taking the pish or if it is a way of saying you really do spend more time at sea than you do at home.
No mate no serious answers to a question with no real answer. You go where you are needed when you are needed for as long as you are needed.
If thats not to your liking dont join the NAVY join the scouts.
as an ET (ME)
after training year 1 about 1 month away
2 about 5 months away
3 about 2 months away
4 about 1 month away
and i have not been at sea for almost 2 years now because of where i'm working.
Right: serious answer (fancied being Soleil for a minute and therefore relentlessly positive). :thumright:

As the navy says- different ships, different cap tallies. Personal Functional Standards says that junior rates should not expect to be away for more than 660 days out of 3 consecutive years. Note the "expect"- exigencies of the service mean that you can't predict what you're going to do. You could go away for an eight month deployment one year (with day running and all the rest of it in the other 4 months, so you won't necessarily be in the UK for them just because you're in UK waters). Be prepared to spend apprently aimless days orniting the Longships lighthouse or dashing about the North Sea.

There again, you could be on a ship whcih doesn't deploy all year- happy days, cheers easy, etc (although being onboard a refitting ship brings its own frustrations....).

The flip side to all this is that you do get to go to some great places, work with top people, and do a job that is unlike anything else you could dod with your life. The words job and life are important here, the mob is not a job, it is a way of life.

Equally, many relationships won't survive the uncertainty that all this brings- others will. I am sur eyou are aware of the commitment that you are making by signing on the dotted line. The navy is great, it's just not a bed of roses all the time. The reson why you can't find out how much time on average you will spend at sea is because, apart from the 660 over 3, no one knows. The days of 2 year overseas commissions are long gone so, barring a complete change of conditions of service you can probably rule one of those out. However, the answer you'r elooking for is that very common one in the navy I'm afraid, you'll just have to suck it and sea.

Good Luck
u join the navy- u go away................. simple............... a life at sea........... and occasionally at home............ do it or dont join ---------- simple!
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