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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by claypon, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys.

    I'm hoping to join the Navy as a pilot and have my AIB in October. I was just wondering what sort of time you get posted abroad or away from home for as I've not really seen any information about this.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. .... If your asking that question in the current climate then the RN (or any of the services - even the RAF) is not for you. However the RN are operating a little scheme called "Top Mast" which supposedly endevours to give RN personnell a certain amount of time ashore (Note I didn't say "at Home") I've been away from the RNR/ MoD(N) now for quite some time but from what my oppo's are telling me, the system is working to a point but they still have a long way to go. I'm sure that some of the younger lads and lasses on this forum will be able to furnish you with more "Honest" info rather than the official webbies.

    Take Care

  3. claypon is going through for pilot so TopMast won't apply - will it?

  4. Nothing to worry about as a pilot - they only go away on the jollies!!!

    Spend their time "disembarked" in air stations going home every night and having every weekend off while their ship is doing trials, work up, crappy exercises etc

    Ship deploys and along come the flight for the trip!!!!

    Before I'm flamed, there is an exception in 845, 846 and 847 (the junglies) they are regularly away and deploy to some of the current hot spots.
  5. No, no communicator. They work really hard - they always say so and they wouldn't lie, would they? :roll:


  6. I was just rolling my sleeves up, ready to type. Until I read your last paragraph that is.

    I have just joined 846NAS and my flight have spent 300+ days away in the last two years.

    Harmony, shmarmony.
  7. Think of the LSSB(AT+) !!! You'll maybe not get too long at home to spend it though.

    PS Thanks for the lift into Cyprus the other month - Wouldn't have escaped on draft without your lot!!!
  8. Rather be at home though!

    ps. You're welcome!
  9. KATWEEZIL - First of all it was just a question, and you have no right to judge whether the RN or any of the other services is for me so pipe down, as I'm fully committed to joining up and it was just a question.

    Also, why the rest of you guys always have to take a copy and completely change the subject, then start 'bantering' each other, as some people may actually be looking for a serious answer.
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I quote from the front page:

    Welcome to Rum Ration, THE unofficial community site of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

    The heart of the site is the Forum, a series of very lively message boards with something for everyone : navy news, military and civil current affairs, finance, sports, adventure training, military humour, general banter, chat, Diamond Lil's and much more.

    Does it say careers advice anywhere? No, but it does say banter, so wind yer neck in! :)

    Seriously, if you're after a serious answer then go to the AFCO and speak to them; if you're after real world advice, including banter then come here, but be prepared to take a whole range of answers from serious to surreal.

    One piece of advice given to me many years ago: "If you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have joined!". Don't take life too seriously, there's a serious chance you won't get out alive!
  11. If you are totaly commited to the RN then why ask the question? Or are you maybe fishing? Sorry but i'm rather cynical.

    OOOOOOOOOOOH you are Anchor Faced aren't you? - You just keep saying things like that at Dartmouth and you'll make Admiral of the Fleet (What Fleet?) in no time.
  12. Thought it was nice of "TheCommunicator" to slag pilots off as going on Jollies and then giving a big up to the Junglies, (very well deserved too, those boys are oft overlooked), however pilots of all aircraft types spend alot of time away from home, and work very long hours (hard for me to say, im not a pilot) as he said they often go to hot spots,currently Helicopters in Bosnia, Iraq and Harriers in Afghanistan, These guys are going to be away for christmas, in harms way fighting people who dont like them, can "TheCommunicator" say the same? when was the last time he was in REAL danger and not just a Thursday War. we all spend time away its part of the job and one of the attractions of it, dont mistake banter about other branches as the truth - good luck to Claypon in whatever job you take
  13. Well, if that's your attitude as a zero time sprog, we don't want you! We're in, you're not and some of us might just have a big say in whether the RN is for you....

    Judging by the number of ship's flights you lot have tipped over the side in the last few years by crappy ship handling it would seem you need all the practice....
  14. All I wanted was an answer to my question as I'm fully commited to a military career and was simply looking for a bit more information.

    Hopefully this will see an end to this 'banter' as some of you have been less than pleasent in responding to my question.

    All the best

  15. Clay

    Please respect the due to OpSec I cannot give details.

    I am off on Ocean tomorrow for Exercises and Ops until late in November (subject to change). Next year in March I go away for another 12 weeks, after that we have no dates yet.

    Some of the guys on the unit have been away for 300+ days in the last two years. This may fit your lifestyle, especially if you are single with no kids. However it doesn't fit all's.

    I fyou are commited to life in the military then good on you, but be aware and the best of luck to you.
  16. Cheers for that Daz. Enjoy your time away.

  17. Daz

    You should have joined 845 then (the premier jungly squadron) - "operational, not decorational"

    jungly :D
  18. Well said JunglyDaz, I know that we've moved on a bit, but I sailed in Albion in '62 as a member of 846 and didn't return to UK for two years (most of that in Borneo - we were the real Junglies!). I left my wife 6 months pregnant too so came home to a son getting on for two years old whom I had never seen. Less than a year later I was off again to join Victorious for another eighteen months on the Far East station.

    You are spot on in mentioning 'committment' - I joined for sea time/foreign service - not to spend my career playing 'happy families' I'd give my eye teeth to be back at sea - enjoy your deployment.
  19. junglyAEO,

    You might have seen from my post to JunglyDaz that I served in 846 between '62 - '64. Your quote "operational not decorational" is not exactly spot on! In '63, 846 held a spoof Air Day at Kuching airfield in aid of new engines for 845 who hadn't flown for over a month due to their duff kit! I still have the photographs of the event including the blackboard (with the Palm Tree crest of 846) announcing the event. Observing that we were flying Whirlwind Mk 7 with the Alvis Leonides (type 7551 I think) engine and that the 845 amateurs were equipped the brand new Wessex - their inabilty to meet oc was the subject of much mirth.
  20. Claypon
    Judging by your concern about time away and your attitude to the Rats who have responded to your query, you are totally unsuited to life in the Andrew.

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