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Been looking at joining for around 6 months now and ideally I'd like a role with as much time at sea as possible. What role tends to get the most time at sea? Medical Assistant tickles my pickle but I don't want to end up stuck in a hospital, can you volunteer for deployments?

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If you want sea time go for the role of chef. You'll obviously have to look at the negatives as well but that is a role that provides on hell of a lot of sea time. That and stoker.

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Medical assistant is one of the worst branches for sea time. They rarely get a sea draft and they're not long when they do.

Most branches at AB and Killick have plenty of sea time.

Anything medical, police or aviation won't get much sea time.

Warfare, CIS, Engineering, Seaman will get plenty of sea time.

Logistics bit 50/50.


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Hi there,
Looking to join and at the AIB process, was asking out of the three roles marine engineering officer, weapon engineerin subarine and fleet, which one has the least amount of sea time?

Is that so you know which one to avoid?

It would be weird if you were joining the navy yet trying to avoid going to sea...

Edit: well this looks silly without the original comment now
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