Time aboard ship

I'm looking into applying for Officer Training, I was just wondering on average how much of the year you are at sea... all I can find on the RN careers site is you are away for weeks to months?

That's about the size of it Alan. It's a bit like tossing a coin, but at least you don't have the additional attraction of years, as used to be the case!


It was pointed out recently that an average is impossible to give, there are so many things (specilisation/career development/chance) which can influence an individual's sea time.
It really does depend on many different criteria and even that will not give you the definative answer; Ships programme, your branch, courses and of course any conflicts within the world which may spring up.

Warfare officers tend to spend a fair bit of time 'at sea' as it goes as they tend to move around the ships more frequently. I am sure 'Guns' who is on here could give you more exact sea/shore ratios.

I would say that if you join a 'seagoing' ship (ie, one not in refit) then you are more than likely to spend at least 6 or 7 months at sea, but not all in one hit every year and its usually in 1 or 2 month stints at any one time.