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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Navaleye, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Tigerfish had a reputation as being an unreliable piece of junk, certainly in its early years. Was this deserved? Was its anti-surface capability as poor as books make out?
  2. Tigerfish suffered from coming from a broken home, had a very difficult upbringing and never really lived up to expectations. Perhaps though our expectations were to high, and it was certainly better than it's forerunner the 23. It was originally designed by AUWE Portland and failed acceptance. GEC then got the contract to make it better and they managed to make it acceptable but it was never concieved to be an anti-surface weapon. Even before the 24 started final acceptance it was realised that back to the drawing board was the answer and work was started on what became spearfish.

    In one way or another that beast took up much of my time in the service and gave me many heartaches, though I did have the pleasure of seeing the first live warhead firing, and I can tell you a live Mk8 was visually much more spectacular when it went off.
  3. Yes they were krap and Spearfish I remember couldn't do the biss on the Belgrano it ended up with a pair of Mk8s doing the job!!
  4. Tut Tut Poly Spearfish was not in service when the Belgrano was sunk and Tiggerfish had not had the suface attack mod made, thus the only anti surface weapon available was my old chum the Mk 8.
  5. As torpedos go, Spearfish is by far the worlds best one - and I'm not just saying that. In terms of maneouvrability, effect and speed, it is as good as if not better than the US Mk 48. Of course, the Russian Skvals are faster, but they are underwater rockets, not torpedos per se.

    Tigerfsh weren't all that bad and certainly improved over their lifetime, but when Spearfish came in, they were made redundant.
  6. Tigerfish did very much what it said on the tin when it was treated as an experimental bit of kit, unfortunately in service that could never happen so it dissapointed, but I am pretty sure those for whom the only alternative was the Mk23 were delighted they had the Mk24. For the price it was better value than the early versions of the Mk48 which was very expensive and still had to undergo major upgrade to become the Mk48 ADCAP. Spearfish probably benefited from the back to the drawingboard approach and I am sure benefited greatly from the new engine technology and the rapid improvments in sonar technology that were happening at the time
  7. Looking up the Mk 8 Torpedo and came across this gem on the RN's own Web site link is below. This is the first paragraph on the page I have cut and pasted in. How can the people with access to every fact get it so wrong.

    Task Force enters Exclusion Zone at 7.00am GMT on the 1st May
    Argentine top level meeting Generals insist upon negotiation, avoiding all out war at any cost. Vice Admiral Allara receives orders from Lombardo to use the two northern groups of his TF 79 against British.

    RFA Tidespring leaves South Georgia with Argentine POWs, Ascension bound, in company with HMS Antrim. Appleleaf rendezvous Tidespring and Brambleleafs' winter AVCAT, is transferred to Appleleaf. HMS Plymouth and Antrim remain as escorts.

    Belgrano sunk by two wire guided Mk 8 torpedo hits from HMS Conqueror. Sinking of Belgrano means that all attempt at negotiation by either side is abandoned. Following loss of Belgrano, the Argentine fleet begin to pull back to shallow water, The Argentine navy never took the risk of venturing out of port again, thus effectively achieving the first of the Task Force's major objectives.

    Mk 8

    Now this wire guided Mk 8 was so ahead of its time it was designed and entered service circa 1927 and continued in service until the mid 1990's a near service life of 80 years for a single weapon possibly only matched by the Colt 45 Automatic Pistol.

  8. Be fair Nutty the Mk8s used did have a big wire coming out of them and this wire did replace the funtion of the DPSU and GAPSU so did 'guide' the torpedo, even if it was cut at the moment of launch.
  9. "Belgrano sunk by two wire guided Mk 8 torpedo hits from HMS Conqueror"

    "wire guided" Mk8 Torpedos - really? - I don't think so.
  10. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    'One time, at AUTEC...' we were used as a target for Tigerfish firings... it was set to run under the keel, but as the accommodation was below the waterline it still gave me the shits hearing it run in........
  11. You could hardly call the A link a “wire that guided the torpedoâ€. The Mk 8 was definitely a free running torpedo.

  12. Trust a fore endy not to see the joke.
  13. A bucket of spuds per watch was definitely no joke.

  14. Must have dreamt it then!!
    A wire guided Mk 8 a!! novel! where was the control geasr kit fitted in the Mk8?
  15. N-F-F-P

    Just look at, that means please read, the MOD (Navy) site I have given you a link to. If the Royal Navy say they were wire guided Mk 8 torpedoes then they were wire guided could Pussser possibly ever be wrong.

    Please send any admission they make to you of getting it wrong.

  16. The Mk 24 mod two was a good weapon when we did trials on it out at Autec in '84 ish. So good in fact that the Jimmy sent the weapon on a reconnaissance of the Autec range twice. Throughout its run the weapon went where it was supposed to go and when. "Stepping the weapon to the left of the bearing line, weapon is in high speed passive, strike one alpha two hundred and fifty feet, putting the weapon on the bearing line..... Strike TWO DATUM! Weapon climbing, command arm the weapon, going active .......zip.....zip.....zip.....zip....zip.... zip.....zipzipzipzipzipzipzipzip......CABLOOEY......breaking up noises heard". Very soon after firing the weapon would fade into background noise. One of the MK 24's failed to ditch the lead ballast at the end of its run and when the battery went duff the weapon could be heard going deep in a big way. Breaking up noises were very sharp and it was all too clear what was happening to it on passive sonar!
  17. We fired a lot of Tigerfish on the Autec range (in 1973 I think) on Conqueror, I don't recall much of the technicalities but every time we went back to Canaveral we had a good time
  18. Was the little green beer house still there ? Had some wicked times there in 68 on RESO.
  19. That'll be the Greenhouse, I think it was called that though not so sure, too many grey cells going by the board these days.
    I remember it was possible to get cans of beer out of vending machines on the jetty. What a novelty, beer.......and not under the control of authority. Mind you we'd drunk so much of the stuff that it was seen as just a liquid top up in hot weather rather than yet another way to get blitzed. :eek:ccasion5:
  20. I was a baby UC on Conqueror in 85/86 and HMS Lowestoft came off second best against the Mk 24 Tigerfish (Mod2) on the way back to old Blighty. Just to go off on a tangent...in those days you could get a make and mend off the Chops(S) if you gave him your duff (think it was 'Ernie' Hearndon), which is a damn sight cheaper than the 'Bridge/Helm' I used to charge my lads when I made it to Chief!!

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