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Tiddly suits


RATINGS' UNIFORM—DEVIATION FROM STANDARD PATTERNS. It has again come to the notice of the Naval Board that ratings buying Service clothing on shore are sometimes supplied with articles of uniform which deviate considerably from standard sealed patterns. Examples of this are jumpers cut in "U " shape and much too low, collars narrow and overlong, and trousers tailored to produce an exaggerated bell-bottom effect. 2. It is permitted that made-to-measure garments may be completed, if desired, with the following extras which in no way affect the cut or outward appearance of uniforms, and for which provision has been made in current contracts, viz.:— (a) leather bindings or tapings on cuffs of trousers; (b) straight tops on fly trousers; (c) extra inside pockets on S.B. jackets; (d) hip pockets on fly trousers; (e) fob pockets on fly trousers; (/) extension bands and pleats on fly trousers; (g) zipp fasteners on fall trousers.

When sailors and wrens looked like sailors and wrens. Uniform individuality had a blind eye turned by the jaunty chief wren regulating and by number one -should he be sober.


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My first reaction on seeing this thread was wondering what the old duffer is upto now.

The second reaction was thinking Foxtrot Oscar you old @#$%.


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I will admit to having Chinese dragons inside the cuffs of my No1s - Tiddly as feck!

In my defence, I was very young and they were pretty!


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Chogi tailor on the Rusty B made me a made to measure gucci Nos 1 suit, fitted like a glove and was the mutts nuts.

Then I joined boats and couldn't give a toss about rig, first up, best dressed :)


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I see the blue circle with a 'W' in it and can't help thinking, surely there is a anchor missing!!!


Pussers Fits-All was useless on a run-ashore in (everywhere really)
Jackmehearty in his tiddly suit had all the girls wanting to touch his collar et al.
I was called by the captain to have a look at two junior ratings on Sunday Divisions in their tropical white shorts. One was slim about 6 foot something and the other rotund about 5 foot and a bit.
One's shorts came just below his crotch-- the other rather short fat ones just about split his difference.
When we arrived Port Moresby the Captain paid from ships funds for the two to go ashore and have tiddly ones made.