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Tickets For Troops

Bad CO

We've just received the following by email which looks like a cracking idea and is, I assume, also available for the Royal Navy/Royal Marines .....

Tickets for Troops is a Not For Profit organisation currently seeking official Charity Status. We launched on November the 3rd, when our website went live for all serving members of HM Forces, and all those medically discharged from the Forces since the commencement of military action in Afghanistan in 2001, to register and apply for tickets. The available events currently range from football matches to the opera, from pop music concerts to snooker. We're the only charity in the U.K. that looks to provide tickets to every member of the armed forces, reaching many people who may have been injured or unable to usually afford luxuries such as these tickets.

There has been a vast amount of interest in Tickets for Troops so far from within the army and without; our patrons include James Blunt, Joanna Lumley,Gary Lineker, General Mike Jackson, Joss Stone and Simon Cowell. Some of the most prestigious entertainment arenas, sports teams and theatres have already pledged their support reflecting the goodwill and gratitude felt towards the serving military. These include the O2 Arena, Universal Music Group, Cameron Mackintosh and Chelsea FC.

Our system is easy to use and will ensure we reach a vast amount of servicemen access the tickets:

- Troops visit our website,
- They register using their name, regiment and Service Number
- They will then have access to the list of all upcoming tickets available
- Depending on the predicted popularity of an event, the tickets will be allocated either by ballot (for the more popular) or first-come-first-served (for the less)
- Our partner, See Tickets, then collects the troops information, and sends the ticket confirmation accordingly.
- Usually, tickets will be picked up at the box office where troops will have to present identification to collect the ticket.

Here are some links to press we have already received:

The Sun
Sports Journalists
Top site, I went to see Chelsea smash Sunderland on Saturday courtesy of T4T and have previously won tickets to Chelsea vs Everton and the Theatre.

Top site, get amongst it.

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