Tick - Tock at HMS Sultan?

Anyone remember the Chief G.I. at Sultan in the late 60's?. Remember him when I was on my M.T.C. (Mechanical Training Course - Stokers could qualify for the 'Mech's Course from here as well as it being a must for promotion to POMEM in the future) . We were warned about him well in advance...he was 'legendery' among the Stokers
Branch throughout the fleet....at least to those that had completed the MTC of the day, one of the draw back of getting your 'hook' was having to go on the MTC at Sultan... :lol: Remember being more than a little apprehensive when out course was exposed to his brand of terror....though he seemed quite a decent spud 'one to one' off the parade....
CPO 'Andy' New......if I remember correctly.....all over you like a rash...loved his Brickwoods field gun running

'Tiny' a PO of the seaman variety was there in '68...he managed to set fire to the fort top with a flashbang
Joint_Force_Harrier said:
I remember shovel face (Lt Gunnery Officer) at Deadalus in the early 90's. As mad as a box of Frogs!!
Ahh, Lt Andrews. Was the Gunnery Office at Raleigh when I joined up in '83. Believe that his transfer from Guzz to DCS broke up his marriage.
Shovel face was my DO at Deadloss, you could start a whole thread about his quotes "I dont know why my son dislikes me I treat him like any other junior rate". 8O
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