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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sussex2, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Given what is going on in Tibet does anyone else think that countries pulling out of the coming Olympics could change the attitude of the Bejiing government.
  2. Chinese really couldn't give a flying f**k what the world thinks…

    When you have 1/5th of the worlds population, supply a huge percentage of the worlds consumable goods and have a permanent seat on the UN, you can pretty much do anything you want.

    The Tibetans need to get over it and give it up as a bad game and come to term with being 'Chinese'.

    And after the Olympics? They'll be sorting out that little problem with Taiwan.
  3. A tad tough on the Tibetans to have to bow to a bully boy.
  4. Have to agree that China doesn't give a fxxk what the World thinks ,

    But have to say that if I was a Tibetan I would go to my grave as a Tibetan , just the same as that I was born an Englishman and will always will be an Englishman , never European .

    Standing by for incoming .
  5. If countries pull out from this event, it will have the same affect as the USA pulling out of the Russian event...absolutely nothing....

    Didn't the US boycott because of some action taking place in the Afghan region by the Russians?
  6. No incoming from me as I believe everyone should feel at home wherever they are, especially if it is not their country of birth/culture.
    Personally I don't feel easy when big powerful countries bully and terrorise poor seemingly insignificant ones.
    I wish, as a pipe dream, that the Olympic Committee would have the sheer guts to abandon the entire games, which would IMHO be a true gesture and not one easily ignored.
  7. There's no oil in Tibet!
  8. What are you talking about? It allowed our very own drug-enhanced Linford to win a gold, didn't it?
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tibet puts the ethics of every individual athlete on the line. Sadly, I doubt any of them will realise it is their personal moral duty not to take part.
  10. Fixed… :thumright:
  11. Tibet won't win anything anyway.
    :bball: :bball: :bball:
  12. I think the only language the Chinese regime understands at the moment is money.

    They've demonstrated that they respond to global public humiliation by trying to treat the world like they do their subjects, by dictating... forgetting that (for instance) the torch doesn't belong to them, but insisting that it SHALL continue round the world (it ain't theirs to decide).

    They absolutely want to rub it into the noses of the Tibetans to break their will.

    What people outside China fail to understand is that Chinese Communism is a state religion, and the idea that Tibet is owned by China is a religiously-held belief, despite the fact that China only started taking a passive and occasional interest in it under the Qing dynasty since the late 1720s, but it didn't really get formally into it in any way until about a century later, and then regularly contested by the Nepalese, culminating in the Chinese being booted out in 1908 by a join British-Nepalese action. They only fully and formally took over Tibet in the invasion 50 years ago. This has become more of a problem since the opening up of China, where it's actively facilitated mass immigration of Chinese into Tibet to make them a minority in their own country (sound familiar?).
    As far as the Chinese people are concerned, they are brought up in the religion, and many talk like people did about 50 years ago when it comes to opinions about international relations with Japan, the West, and Tibet.

    I think they've just demonstrated how stupid they are... all they had to do was "open up negotiations" with the Dalai Lama, with a view to dragging them out for years until he dies, and the issue with him; and the issue would have gone away.
    Instead they went in guns blazing conjuring up images of Tiananmen Square and the recent events in Burma, and kill and imprison unknown numbers of largely innocent and relatively harmless people and ignited the opprobrium of the free world.

    There is actually an easy way to force China on the Tibet issue, and that's move the factories to India (and Southeast Asia; even South Africa!)
    China is now so dependent on selling mass-produced stuff to the US and EU, that the political survival of the regime depends on maintaining constant growth.
    They've destroyed so much of the environment in there to do it, that they are facing droughts, floods, starvation, and disease... you may have noticed that rice prices are on the rise.

    China's more vulnerable than you think: it's greatest strength is it's greatest weakness.

    As far as the Olympics goes, they can't ban pens and T-shirts (for athletes and spectators to write slogans with and on), and they're going to have a job stopping a flood of foreign journalists. They are used to having complete control; and they going to find that very hard to keep a grip on with all the exposure.
    I think there's every hope that this will be a major lesson in the economic penalties of bad PR.

    Every athlete and spectator should take part and should make a public protest whilst doing so... if the Chinese try intervening they will destroy the games in mid-flow, and that will have a far more powerful an effect than a boycott ever could, because Chinese people will see some of it.

    Oh, and by the way, there IS Oil in Tibet:
    ...and Gold, and Uranium, and Copper

    ...hence the chances of China relinquishing control being so minimal.
    The only hope for Tibet's future, and the Dalai Lama realises this, is for Tibet to become like Hong Kong... this would be a wise move by China, as it could resolve the issue in Xinjiang, and Taiwan.

    (Alright, I did a degree in Japanese and Chinese, but I'm not an expert)
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought it absolutely obscene that our supine Govt allowed those Chinese thugs to parade through the streets of London. Protecting the torch etc was the Met's job.
  14. I don't think countries should pull out of the Olympic Games to bring about a stop to China's involvement in Tibet, because that will never work. I think that countries should pull out of the Olympic Games because their POPULATION wants them to.
    Won't be much of an Olympics with only a few countries there. Its about time that China stopped being allowed to get away (quite literally) with murder. We pander to them knowing all the while just how sickening the regime really is. Fcuk 'em! We use trade embargoes everywhere else, use them against China too!
    (Sorry for the rant)
  15. What die did Chairman Mao say about diplomacy? Comes out of a gun barrel? I think that the chinese government still thinks that way to some extent.
    Promsan you may not be an expert, but with a degree in Chinese you must know just a little bit more than most of us, including our dearly beloved political leaders.
  16. The only way to get China to toe the line is financial sanctions. As a country they do not give a toss what any other country thinks about them.
    Look at the illegal immigrants that arrive here, China refuses to take them back.
    So to help China into the real world is it time for ALL western countries to put a blanket ban on ALL Chinese imports?
  17. Considering that china not only supplies a large portion of our consumer goods these days they also supply many of the components etc used in our industry too. Stopping trade with them would result in the collapse of our own idustries too. Now could we hold out for long enough for them to have a civil war and get a new form of government because that is the only way they will change in a hurry.

    Until India can take their place which will take a few decades because they have the little prob;lem of having a democracy I suspect we are stuck with china as it is.
  18. As I inferred, the pressure we can bring to bear is on organisations in the UK.

    We can campaign against the BBC broadcasting the Olympics for instance;
    We can pressurise companies who produce products in China, and get them to produce them in India; Thailand; or South Africa.

    We can start the process by exercising the freedoms we have that are denied in China, by organising across the EU to find alternative ethical (or less unethical) suppliers to industry and retailers, and lobby industry, business, the media, and politicians to start a change in suppliers
    We don't need to wait for India to catch up, we can be proactive.
    Thailand already produces a lot of PC hardware and textiles, and could replace part of the Chinese market; Vietnam, Indonesia, may be less ethical but still better choices.
    South Africa, and India could really worry the Chinese, as they are more Anglophone-friendly places with potentially lower wages; more resources; and shorter goods transportation distances... there's also the potential in parts of Latin America.

    In all matters in life... money talks and bu11sh!t walks.

    or in Chinese: jinqian shuo; he fenbian zuo!
    (pron: jin chen shoo-oh; her fun byen dzoo-oh)
  19. The people to blame for this fiasco is the money grubbing IOC selection committees, they are the ones who even while knowing that China's Human Rights record was in the toilet, awarded them the games....

    If they had of had the guts back then and told China in so many words...clean up your record of human Rights and we may consider your country as being enlightened enough to host the games,then maybe... Now that being said, I don't think any of the countries that have hosted the Summer Olympics should throw any stones at glass houses....when it comes to Human Rights violations...as everyone is guilty of it, if they look hard enough.... :dwarf:
  20. I think all the berating of the IOC is a little disingenuous... name a host country that has a flawless reputation... (Winter Olympics maybe); then name a major sporting competition that is free from corruption... (none of the major sports).

    Why is it that there is this assumption that the Olympics stands for freedom and justice... we all know that the worlds greatest athletes are invariably there because they were born into sufficient privilege, and sufficiently supported financially to get to that level.

    Believing in the Olympic ideal is as banal as believing the claims made on adverts on telly.

    "Sport" derives from the concept of "fun"; but these great competitions we have these days have redefined "Sport" as everything but: it's patronage of art and culture as a way of expressing a political message. A Nation's achievements at things like the Olympics have always been about making a statement that the said nation's politics are the right ones; and implicitly that their culture is superior to that of lesser achieving nations.
    Of course, if we believe that, then we may as well believe that McDonald's is health food.

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