Thy shalt obey thy lover

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. I say bring back the old days...........

  2. Nice find Jenny. If only the women of today were capable of rational thought I would be tempted to make my women read this. It would be a futile jesture however, and I would almost certainly have to resort back to my usual methods to instill discipline in my house; shouting and hammers.
  3. If you think for one moment that a book like that would have been read in the sixties and acted upon you would believe in fairies.
    The sixties was the time when women because of the social barriers dropping faster than the Berlin wall, had control.
    The coming of the Contraceptive pill put women in control, they no longer had to worry and be dependant on the benevolence of a man as they did if they fell pregnant.
    Women were as likely to drag you upstairs, behind a bush, etc as a man would, and in fact it was easier to get your leg over in 1966 than it was 10 years later when all the hullabaloo had died down.
    Trust me, I was very very active during the 60's early 70's, and if it had a pulse I tried. :roll: :oops: 8O :wink:
    And who dared, usually won :wink: :) :D
  4. Rumrat, pompie sluts don't,if you knew an good irish lass during this time...........totally diff story :wink:

    Jonno - whatever anyone tells you, always remember a woman enjoys a good beating, no matter how loud she screams. It's the pain/pleasure thing :twisted:
  5. Thats exactly wot Peter Sutcliffe told me in Broadmoor so I tried it on the missus, with time off for good behaviour I'm out in three years. Can I come round your's with my engorged testicles and lather your face in it :D
  6. Good old Pete, how is he keeping? Forgot to send him his fanmail for 2010. Although, I did learn some nifty stuff off Dave Courtney, too :wink:

    Of course you can :wink:
  7. Too late Jenny just cracked one off over
  8. Pompey sluts?.
    The young Virgins of Pompey did not have the pleasure of my company until the 70's.
    I'd check your D&A though if I was you as Reading and Cambridge were definitely on the menu.
    When I was around the 4 went way's did with a smile on their jizz splashed faces. :roll: :wink:
  9. Not a fan of Reading at all but good for chav killing,ops, meant 'bashing'
  10. What a sensible idea women knowing their place how refreshing that is. I am the boss in my home because sh says I am. :D :D :D
  11. I'm not sure if I'm the boss in my house. I'll ask her (but not on a full moon night though)
  12. Don't be a 'yes man' all your life, when the boss says 'no' .. you say 'no'
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I like this article. It's the funniest thing i've read in ages. You see, i'm all for women having jobs and the like. They make blinding lap dancers, whores, page three girls and strippers.
  14. Whores?......well yes but only if they have a good pimp behind them, its gives them incentive and ambition. Otherwise they just give it away. :roll: :wink:
  15. I think you might read this

    The Movement created enourmous pride and was a life altering event for many of the women who chose to fight for their beliefs. As Helen Reddy (a feminist musician) said, the Movement "was some thing that profoundly altered how I felt about myself and about life. From that time on I was changed" (Reddy 49). This dramatic change many women underwent created an experience that was not just made up of a whiny group of women (like many thought). It was, as one women reminisced, "a compelling utopian vision, a great unity of purpose, and a respect for diversity... One of the most consequential social movements of the 20th century" (Douglas 90- 164). Gloria Steinem, a key figure in the Movement, also showed the same sort of honor and purpose when she said that "The Women's Lib Movement would benefit not only the women, but the men of the society, as well by dissolving the sex role stereotypes and expectations" (Steinem 22-3). Overall, women in the Movement, although some were a little unsure, saw it as a chance to fight for what they belived in and in turn, change the boundaries of society to allow themselves, as women, to be free.

    No such thing as a NICE Irish maiden, they were Irelands version of a "Badge man". :wink: :)
  16. Brilliant , When did it all go wrong ?
  17. I'd start with the weak men who let women burn their bras and allowed them freedom to party...............................that be the RAF :wink:
  18. If you burn your bra JD it'll take 3 days to put out
  19. Add on 2 days to actually set it all on fire
  20. Good point, that's a working week I'd enjoy :wink:

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